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In the upcoming Group D encounter of the tournament, Assam is set to face Arunachal Pradesh at the Government Model Senior Secondary School on 3 December at 9:00 AM IST. Assam enters the clash following a defeat in their previous match against Uttar Pradesh, where they succumbed by 6 wickets. Likewise, Arunachal Pradesh faced a setback in their last outing against Himachal Pradesh, suffering a comprehensive 10-wicket loss. The Government Model Senior Secondary School is poised to witness a crucial battle as both teams seek redemption and aim to register a vital win in the ongoing Vijay Hazare Trophy. Cricket enthusiasts can expect a spirited and competitive contest as Assam and Arunachal Pradesh look to bounce back and make their mark in the group standings.


  • In the two encounters between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, Assam emerged victorious in both instances.

  • Arunachal Pradesh’s batting charts are led by Kamsha Yangfo, amassing 200 runs in 9 matches with an average of 25.

  • Assam’s primary wicket-taker is Mukhtar Hussain, having claimed 12 wickets in 10 matches, showcasing his impactful bowling performance in the tournament.

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Arunachal Pradesh vs Assam Chances of Winning

Arunachal Pradesh finds themselves entangled in a challenging losing streak throughout this tournament. Despite the setbacks, notable performances include Sachin Sharma, contributing 195 runs in 4 matches with a remarkable high score of 100, and Nabam Abo, showcasing his bowling skills with 5 wickets in 4 matches at an average of 31.60. In contrast, Assam maintains a superior form, bolstering its prospects for success. Key contributors for Assam include Sibsankar Roy, displaying consistent batting with 96 runs in 4 matches and a notable high score of 24, and Akash Sengupta, a significant force in the bowling department with 10 wickets in 4 matches at an impressive average of 14.60.

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Favourites to Win: Assam

Assam maintains a dominant record against Arunachal Pradesh, establishing themselves as the favourites for an impending victory. Key contributors for Assam include Saransh Jain, showcasing steady batting with 45 runs in 4 matches at a calculated strike rate of 70.31, and Mukhtar Hussain, a crucial force in the bowling department with 3 wickets in 4 matches at an average of 54.66. Eager to secure a win, Arunachal Pradesh relies on players like Aprameya Jaiswal, accumulating 118 runs in 4 matches with an impressive strike rate of 94.40, and Techi Doria, who made a mark with one wicket in four matches at an average of 72. The upcoming clash promises a competitive encounter as both teams strive for success in the Vijay Hazare Trophy.

Top Bets for Arunachal Pradesh vs Assam Match

  • Arunachal Pradesh Chances of Winning – 45%
  • Assam Chances of Winning – 55%

Arunachal Pradesh vs Assam Prediction & Betting Tips 2023

Arunachal Pradesh has been consecutively losing matches in the current season of the Vijay Hazare Trophy. The team will be finding it difficult to regain their winning form when they will be going against Assam in the next clash. Their lineup has batsmen like Kamsha Yangfo, who scored 28 runs in 3 matches with a high score of 22, and Divyanshu Yadav, who scored 34 runs in 3 matches with a high score of 17. Happy Kashyap has only been able to take a wicket in 2 matches at an average of 40.

Assam, on the other hand, started the tournament well but some changes in their lineup led to the team entering a losing streak. They will be looking forward to the next match against Arunachal Pradesh as an opportunity to regain their winning momentum. Their batting line-up has players like Sumit Ghadigaonkar, who scored 83 runs in 4 matches with a high score of 49, and Denish Das, who scored 78 runs in 4 matches with a high score of 54. Abir Chakraborty took 3 wickets in 4 matches at an economy of 5.

Arunachal Pradesh vs Assam Match Live Streaming

Devoted cricket fans can tune in to the live coverage of the Assam versus Arunachal Pradesh match on the Star Sports network, choosing from a selection of their preferred Star Sports channels. Additionally, the thrill extends to the accessibility of the game on the Disney+ Hotstar app, offering users the flexibility to enjoy the match on various handheld devices.

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Arunachal Pradesh vs Assam Match Toss Prediction

The upcoming face-off between Arunachal Pradesh and Assam is scheduled at the Government Model Senior Secondary School. This venue is famed for its batsman-friendly pitch conditions and a rapid outfield, typically offering an advantage to teams that decide to bat first. Nevertheless, as the match unfolds, the conditions tend to shift, favouring bowlers in the latter stages. This complexity underscores the pivotal role of winning the toss, as the fortunate team may strategically choose to bat first, accentuating the crucial nature of decision-making for success in the game.

Weather Report

Players and fans can look forward to an uninterrupted showdown between Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, given the weather forecast indicating minimal disruptions. The likelihood of precipitation is below 10%, and the humidity level remains at a moderate 65%. With a gentle breeze at 11 km/hr and temperatures ranging between 12 and 24 degrees Celsius, the overall conditions are highly favourable.

Assam News and Players List

Commencing the tournament with its fair share of challenges, Assam has confronted difficulties in the initial stages, openly acknowledging the hurdles encountered. Anticipating the upcoming games, there is a steadfast determination to reverse the current situation and emerge with greater resilience. Pledging a concentrated effort on improvement, Assam is committed to overcoming their initial setbacks, aiming to showcase a more formidable performance in the remaining matches of the tournament.

Assam Squad

Riyan Parag, Abir Chakraborty, Avinov Choudhury, Rishav Das, Denish Das, Mrinmoy Dutta, Sumit Ghadigaonkar, Mayukh Hazarika, Saahil Jain, Mukhtar Hussain, Swarupam Purkayastha, Sibsankar Roy, Bishal Roy, Kunal Saikia, Akash Sengupta.

Assam Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Denish DasBowler
Mayukh HazarikaBatter
Sumit GhadigaonkarWicket-Keeper/Batter
Pallavkumar DasBatter
Swarupam PurkayasthaBowling All-Rounder
Sibsankar Roy (C)Batter
Saahil JainBatter
Rishav DasBatter
Mukhtar HussainBowler
Akash SenguptaBatter
Abir ChakrabortyBowling All-Rounder

Assam Team Form

Amid the last five matches, Assam has secured only one victory, indicating a challenging phase for the team. Recognizing the tough circumstances, they are now poised for a shift. With a determination to alter their course, Assam aims to turn the tide and improve their performance in the upcoming matches

Arunachal Pradesh News and Players List

Arunachal Pradesh’s team is feeling disappointed because they haven’t been performing well. Some important players are also not playing their best. This makes it hard for them to show how good they really are in the ongoing tournament. The team’s goals are facing challenges because of a series of problems, making it tough for them to be competitive and leave a bigger impact on the competition.

Arunachal Pradesh Squad

Neelam Obi, Aryan Sahani, Agnivesh Ayachi, Techi Doria, Akshay Jain, Aprameya Jaiswal, Licha Jhon, Happy Kashyap, Nabam Abo, Nabam Nigam, Kumar Nyompu, Krishna Sancham, Yorjum Sera, Sachin Sharma, Likha Sonia, Hage Tama, Teshi Tiku, Yab Niya, Divyanshu Yadav, Kamsha Yangfo.

Arunachal Pradesh Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Neelam Obi (C)Batter
Techi DoriaBatter
Kumar NyompuBatter
Aprameya JaiswalBatter
Kamsha YangfoWicket-Keeper/Batter
Likha SoniaBatter
Divyanshu YadavBowler
Happy KashyapBowling All-Rounder
Sachin SharmaBowling All-Rounder
Nabam AboBowler
Krishna SachanBowler

Arunachal Pradesh Team Form

Arunachal Pradesh has faced a challenging situation in the five matches they have played, failing to secure any victories and finding themselves on the back foot. This winless streak has put the team in a difficult position, and they now confront the task of overcoming setbacks to regain momentum in the ongoing competition.

Arunachal Pradesh vs Assam Head-to-Head Record

  • Total Matches Played – 2
  • Assam Win – 2
  • Arunachal Pradesh Win – 0
  • Draw – 0

Arunachal Pradesh vs Assam Betting Odds

Assam is poised with a greater likelihood of triumph in their upcoming match against Arunachal Pradesh. Their superior form throughout the tournament positions them with a distinct advantage over their opponents. The consistency in their performance adds to the edge that Assam holds over Arunachal Pradesh, setting the stage for a match where Assam is favoured to secure a positive result.

  • Arunachal Pradesh Chances of Winning – 45%
  • Assam Chances of Winning – 55%

Arunachal Pradesh vs Assam Top Team Batsman

Kamsha Yangfo emerges as a standout player for Arunachal Pradesh, making substantial contributions with a total of 200 runs across ten matches and maintaining a commendable average of 25. His consistently impactful batting has solidified his position as a valuable asset, playing a crucial role in Arunachal Pradesh’s efforts to score runs in the tournament.

Leading Assam’s charge in run-scoring throughout the Vijay Hazare Trophy is Sibsankar Roy, showcasing remarkable consistency. With an impressive tally of 362 runs in 10 matches and a notable average of 45.25, Roy stands out as a pivotal figure.

Arunachal Pradesh vs Assam Top Team Bowler

In the realm of bowling, Nabam Abo has risen as the maestro for Arunachal Pradesh, displaying exemplary skills by securing 7 wickets in his recent 9 matches. Abo’s bowling prowess is unmistakable, evident in his remarkable economical performance and an impressive economy rate of 7.21, showcasing his valuable contributions to the team.

Taking charge of Assam’s bowling excellence is Mukhtar Hussain, established himself as the premier wicket-taker with an impressive tally of 12 wickets in 10 matches. His effectiveness is underscored by a commendable economical bowling rate of 5.11. Hussain’s steadfast capacity to consistently claim wickets introduces a potent dimension to Assam’s bowling arsenal.

Prediction Author

Anticipating the upcoming Vijay Hazare Trophy match, Assam is anticipated to secure victory with a 55% chance of winning, underscoring their superior form in contrast to Arunachal Pradesh. The team’s consistently commendable performances in recent matchups establish them as clear favourites. Arunachal Pradesh, holding a 45% chance of winning, aspires to break their ongoing losing streak and is determined to put up a resilient fight in the forthcoming match.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:


Assam, boasting an impressive track record in recent matches, stands on the brink of success in the upcoming Vijay Hazare Trophy clash against Arunachal Pradesh. Their unwavering and praiseworthy form not only establishes them as favourites for a victory but also reflects a consistent pattern of excellence. The team’s success is underpinned by a strategic approach, collective strength, and a reliance on key players who have been instrumental in maintaining their winning momentum.


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