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Similar to the excitement of the ODI World Cup in 2023, the U-19 World Cup Finals are here, featuring a face-off between India and Australia. India U-19s earned their spot by beating South Africa U-19s, while Australia U-19s secured a close victory against Pakistan. The big showdown is set for Willowmoore Park in Benoni on February 11, 2024. India, boosted by their Semifinal win, faces Australia, who come in with confidence from their hard-fought victory. Cricket enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this clash of young talents, and the Finals promise an exciting battle for the U-19 World Cup title.


  • Over their recent five encounters, India U-19 have emerged victorious against Australia U-19 on four occasions.

  • Leading the batting charts for Australia U-19 is Hugh Weibgen, boasting 459 runs in 10 matches, with an average of 51.

  • Spearheading the bowling attack for India U-19 is Saumy Pandey, who has secured 26 wickets in 8 matches, displaying an economy rate of 2.82.

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Australia U-19 vs India U-19 Chances of Winning

Australia U-19 remain undefeated in this tournament, propelled by standout performers like Hugh Weibgen, who amassed 256 runs in six matches, including a top score of 120, and Harkirat Bajwa, who claimed 4 wickets in 2 matches at an average of 3.75. On the other hand, India U-19 exhibit superior form, bolstering their chances of victory with players such as Uday Saharan, who accumulated 389 runs in six matches, highlighted by a century, and Saumy Pandey, who impressed with 17 wickets in six matches, boasting an exceptional average of 8.47. With such talent on both sides, anticipation mounts for an intense clash between these two formidable teams.

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Favourites to Win: India U-19

India U-19 emerge as the favourites against Australia U-19, boasting strong performances in their previous encounters. With players like Murugan Abhishek, who has claimed six wickets in six matches at an average of 23.33, and Musheer Khan, who showcased his batting prowess with 338 runs in six matches, including a top score of 131, India U-19 carry formidable firepower. However, Australia U-19, fueled by talents such as Harry Dixon, who amassed 267 runs in six matches, featuring three half-centuries, and Tom Straker, a key bowler with 12 wickets in 5 matches at an average of 9.25, will also be determined to clinch victory in this crucial encounter. With both teams poised for an intense battle, cricket enthusiasts can anticipate a thrilling match ahead.

Top Bets for Australia U-19 vs India U-19 Match

  • Australia U-19 Betting Odds – 2.54
  • India U-19 Betting Odds – 1.52

Australia U-19 vs India U-19 Prediction & Betting Tips 2024

Australia U-19 have been dominant throughout the tournament which makes their upcoming match against India U-19 even more intense. They have batsmen like Tom Campbell, who scored 118 runs in 4 matches with a high score of 47, and Sam Konstas, who scored 191 runs in six matches with a high score of 108. Mahli Beardman has taken 7 wickets in 5 matches at an average of 12.85.

India U-19, on the other hand, has also been undefeated in this tournament and has been strong against Australia U-19 which enhances their chances of winning. They have batsmen like Sachin Dhas, who scored 294 runs in six matches with a high score of 116, and Adarsh Singh, who scored 191 runs in six matches with a high score of 76. Naman Tiwari took 10 wickets in five matches at an average of 17.50.

Australia U-19 vs India U-19 Match Live Streaming

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Australia U-19 vs India U-19 Match Toss Predictions

The impending showdown between Australia U-19 and India U-19 at Willowmoore Park presents an interesting dynamic, with the venue favouring teams chasing targets. Among the 27 ODIs hosted here, 17 have been won by teams batting second, underscoring this trend. Notably, the average first-inning score stands at 223, declining to 179 in the second innings. This trend suggests that winning the toss and electing to bowl first could strategically benefit the teams in this clash.

Weather Report

Inclement weather may necessitate the extension of the Australia U-19 versus India U-19 match to the Reserve Day. With a 60% likelihood of precipitation and high humidity levels reaching 78%, conditions may pose challenges. Expect moderate wind speeds at 18 km/hr, while temperatures fluctuate between 15 and 23 degrees Celsius. The potential impact of weather conditions adds an element of uncertainty to this crucial encounter.

Australia U-19 News and Players List

Australia’s U-19 team has asserted dominance throughout the ongoing tournament, earning a well-deserved place in the finals. Their stellar performance not only accentuates their exceptional cricketing abilities but also emphasizes their robust physical condition, marked by the absence of any reported injuries among the players. This young Australian squad has been a force to be reckoned with, consistently showcasing their prowess on the cricket field. The journey to the finals serves as a testament to their collective skills, teamwork, and resilience.

Australia U-19 Squad

Lachlan Aitken, Charlie Anderson, Harkirat Bajwa, Mahli Beardman, Tom Campbell, Harry Dixon, Harjas Singh, Ryan Hicks †, Sam Konstas, Raf MacMilllan, Aidan O’Connor, Tom Straker, Callum Vidler, Corey Wasley, Hugh Weibgen.

Australia U-19 Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Harry DixonBatter
Sam Konstas Batting All-rounder 
Hugh Weibgen (C)Bowling All-rounder 
Harjas Singh Bowling All-rounder 
Ryan HicksWicket-Keeper/Batter 
Tom Campbell Bowling All-rounder 
Oliver PeakeBowling All-rounder 
Tom StrakerBowling All-rounder 
Raf MacMilllanBowler
Mahli Beardman Bowling All-rounder 
Callum VidlerBowling All-rounder 

Australia U-19 Team Form

Australia’s U-19 team is riding high on success, emerging victorious in each of their last four matches. This extraordinary winning streak not only illuminates their unwavering excellence but also serves as a compelling testament to their undeniable mastery on the cricket field. The young Australian squad has been on a formidable run, displaying a commendable blend of skill, determination, and teamwork.

India U-19 News and Players List

Exhibiting a formidable demeanour on the cricket field, the India U-19 team commands the top spot with unwavering authority, leaving no room for doubt about their dominance in the ongoing tournament. The team’s consistent and dependable performances present a convincing case for retaining the current starting eleven in the imminent match. India’s U-19 squad has not just secured victories but has done so with a certain flair, showcasing a blend of skill, confidence, and strategic prowess.

India U-19 Squad

Uday Saharan, Murugan Abhishek, Adarsh Singh, Aravelly Avanish, Sachin Dhas, Dhanush Gowda, Arshin Kulkarni, Raj Limbani, Innesh Mahajan, Priyanshu Moliya, Musheer Khan, Saumy Pandey, Rudra Patel, Aaradhya Shukla, Naman Tiwari.

India U-19 Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Adarsh Singh Batting All-rounder 
Arshin Kulkarni Batting All-rounder 
Musheer Khan Batter 
Uday Saharan (C)Batter
Priyanshu MoliyaBatter
Aravelly Avanish Wicket-Keeper/Batter 
Sachin DhasBatter
Murugan AbhishekBowler 
Raj LimbaniBowler
Saumy Pandey Bowling All-rounder 
Naman Tiwari Bowler

India U-19 Team Form

In the ongoing tournament, the India U-19 team finds itself bathed in the glory of an exceptional series of triumphs, emerging victorious in all five of their recent matches. This outstanding winning streak not only accentuates their consistent and unwavering form but also serves as a testament to their extraordinary resilience and tenacity on the cricket field.

Australia U-19 vs India U-19 Head-to-Head Record

Throughout the most recent five encounters, the India U-19 team has firmly established its dominance, emerging victorious in an impressive four instances. In stark contrast, the Australia U-19 side found themselves unable to secure a single triumph, highlighting the stark difference in the teams’ recent performances.

  • Total Matches Played – 5
  • Australia U-19 Win – 0
  • India U-19 Win – 4
  • Draw – 1

Australia U-19 vs India U-19 Betting Odds

As India U-19 gears up for their imminent clash with Australia U-19, they enter the field carrying the weight of favourable betting odds, signifying a widespread consensus that the team is strongly poised for victory.

  • Australia U-19 Betting Odds – 2.54
  • India U-19 Betting Odds – 1.52

Australia U-19 vs India U-19 Top Team Batsman

Staking his claim as a standout performer and earning the esteemed title of the leading run-scorer for Australia U-19, Hugh Weibgen has etched his name prominently on the cricketing canvas. Weibgen’s exceptional displays with the bat have resulted in a remarkable accumulation of 459 runs in the team’s most recent ten matches.

Emerging as the foremost run-scorer for India U-19, Musheer Khan has solidified his position as a standout performer, amassing a commanding total of 432 runs in the team’s latest ten matches. His significance extends beyond sheer run accumulation, with what truly distinguishes him being the extraordinary consistency he demonstrates, boasting an impressive batting average of 72.00.

Australia U-19 vs India U-19 Top Team Bowler

Emerging as the chief wicket-taker for Australia U-19, Callum Vidler has stamped his authority on the cricketing arena, amassing an impressive tally of 17 wickets in a mere seven matches. What adds to the significance of this accomplishment is Vidler’s commendable economical bowling rate of 3.7.

Ascending as the primary wicket-taker for India U-19, Saumy Pandey has carved out a niche as an exceptional performer, making an indelible mark with a remarkable haul of 26 wickets in a mere eight matches. Beyond the sheer volume of dismissals, Pandey sets himself apart with surgical precision in his bowling, boasting an exceptional and economical rate of 2.82.

Prediction Author

Enjoying a commanding advantage in betting odds, India U-19 stands firmly in the pole position with favourable odds of 1.52, signalling their undeniable status as the frontrunners poised for the title. This optimistic outlook is rooted in the team’s formidable lineup and robust squad strength, creating a compelling narrative for potential success in the upcoming contest. In stark contrast, Australia U-19 faces a more formidable challenge, carrying less favourable odds at 2.54, placing them in a noteworthy underdog position.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:


As India U-19 gears up for their highly anticipated showdown against Australia U-19, they step onto the stage bathed in optimism, a sentiment echoed by overwhelmingly favourable betting odds. This prevailing outlook resonates across the cricketing community, forming a resounding consensus that India U-19 is not just a participant but holds the pole position, poised to assert dominance in the impending battle.


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