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On January 5, 2024, get ready for an electrifying showdown as Canterbury faces off against Central Districts at Christchurch’s Hagley Oval Stadium. This crucial 14th match in the Super Smash 2023-24 season offers both teams a significant opportunity to enhance their performances and make a mark in the competition. Canterbury demonstrates impressive form in the current tournament, securing the second spot on the points table. Their recent match against Otago resulted in a convincing victory with a margin of 4 wickets, highlighting the team’s strong performance and competitive standing in the competition. Meanwhile, the Central Districts team is displaying a moderate performance in the series, currently positioned fourth on the points table. In their recent encounter with Canterbury, they suffered a defeat by a margin of 33 runs, underscoring the team’s challenges in the competition.


  • Canterbury triumphed in four out of the last five matches against Central Districts, with Central Districts securing one victory in return.

  • Cole McConchie showcased exceptional cricket skills, scoring 118 runs in 80 balls, a testament to his outstanding performance.

  • Jayden Lennox claimed 6 wickets across 3 innings while representing the Central Districts team.

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Favorites to win:

Canterbury Kings
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Central Districts vs Canterbury Chances of Winning

In the ongoing Super Smash 2023-24, Canterbury thrives, securing the second spot on the points table. Captain Cole McConchie shines, amassing 118 runs in 3 innings with an impressive average of 59.00. On the bowling front, Zakary Foulkes excels, claiming 5 wickets at an average of 17.80, further solidifying Canterbury’s strong performance in the tournament. Regarding the Central Districts team, Doug Bracewell’s standout performance includes a remarkable 113 runs off 49 balls, supported by Jayden Lennox, who clinched 6 wickets across 3 innings. Their contributions underscore the team’s dynamic capabilities in both batting and bowling aspects in the ongoing competition.

Our Prediction

Favourites to Win: Canterbury

Central Districts must strive for a stronger presence in the Super Smash 2023-24 to achieve improved results. Dane Cleaver showcased prowess with 100 runs in 77 balls, while bowler Bevon Small demonstrated effectiveness by claiming five wickets with an average of 20.60. Conversely, the Canterbury team boasts Henry Nicholls, making a substantial impact with an impressive 83 runs across 3 innings, showcasing a notable average of 41.50. In the bowling department, Michael Rae displays prowess, securing 4 wickets with an average of 24.25 in the ongoing tournament.

Top Bets for Canterbury vs Central Districts Match

  • Canterbury Betting Odds: 1.86
  • Central Districts Betting Odds: 1.94

Central Districts vs Canterbury Prediction & Betting Tips 2023

Canterbury is eager to succeed in the upcoming match against Central Districts, and their success relies on key players. Michael Rippon, showcasing a noteworthy performance with 83 runs in 3 innings, and Bevon Jacobs, providing middle-order stability with an average of 30.50 and 61 runs, play pivotal roles. In the bowling department, Michael Rippon’s 3 wickets in 3 innings and William O’Rourke’s 2 wickets in 2 innings are crucial for sustaining team stability.

Despite securing the fourth position in the points table, the Central Districts team needs improvement in their average gameplay. Josh Clarkson’s 57 runs in 50 balls and William Clark’s contribution of 53 runs in 3 innings provide crucial runs in the middle overs. In the bowling department, Ajaz Patel, with 3 wickets and an economy rate of 8.27, and team captain Tom Bruce, securing 2 wickets in 1 inning, play significant roles.

Central Districts vs Canterbury Match Live Streaming

For Super Smash 2023-24, the FanCode app and the official website stand as the main avenues for live streaming in India, catering to the online preferences of viewers. Notably, those looking for televised coverage within India will not find it, emphasizing the reliance on online platforms for real-time access to the tournament’s exciting moments.

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Central Districts vs Canterbury Match Toss Predictions

The upcoming 14th clash in Super Smash 2023-24 takes place at Christchurch’s renowned Hagley Oval Stadium, having hosted 13 matches. Notably, the stadium statistics indicate a trend with 4 victories for teams batting first and 8 for those bowling first. Despite slight variations, the average score holds steady at 291. Teams, capitalizing on the bowl success, consistently choose to bowl first, attributing their 8 triumphs to this strategic approach of setting a formidable run total.

Weather Report

The match day weather forecast predicts showers and a peak temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. Anticipated humidity stands at 77%, and the wind is expected to persist at a steady 18 kilometres per hour. While chances of rain during the match loom, the atmospheric variables could introduce an intriguing aspect to the game, impacting factors like the ball’s trajectory and player comfort. Adaptability becomes crucial for both teams to adeptly navigate and respond to these shifting conditions.

Central Districts News and Players List

The ongoing Super Smash 2023-24 has seen Central Districts delivering below-par performances, currently situated at the 4th position in the points table. Elevating their standings necessitates a continuous winning streak. A consistent and persistent endeavour is crucial for obtaining improved outcomes in the tournament and positively influencing their overall display.

Central Districts Squad

Tom Bruce (c), Ben Smith, Greg Hay, Jack Boyle, William Clark, Brad Schmulian, Jayden Lennox, Curtis Heaphy, Dane Cleaver, Bevan Small, Doug Bracewell, Ajaz Patel, Angus Schaw, Blair Tickner, Brett Randell, Joey Field, Liam Dudding, Raymond Toole, Will Young, Josh Clarkson, Bayley Wiggins, Blair Tickner

Central Districts Predicted Playing XI

Name of the player Role of the player 
Tom Bruce (c)Batting All-Rounder 
Will Young Batter 
Dane CleaverWicket-Keeper/Batter 
William ClarkBatting All-Rounder 
Josh ClarksonBatting All-Rounder 
Bayley Wiggins Wicket-Keeper/Batter 
Doug BracewellBowler 
Bevan SmallBowler 
Ajaz PatelBowler 
Blair Tickner Bowler 
Jayden LennoxBowling All-Rounder 

Central Districts Team Form

To elevate their performance in the upcoming tournament matches, the Central Districts squad needs to fine-tune their tactics and gameplay. Despite securing a victory in just one out of their last four matches, there is ample opportunity for improvement. Emphasizing strategic adaptations and bolstering their overall display is pivotal for sustained success. The team aims to capitalize on recent victories and rectify any deficiencies to uphold a consistent winning streak.

Canterbury News and Player List

Demonstrating skilful play, Canterbury adeptly holds the second spot on the points table, showcasing remarkable consistency and prowess in the tournament. Their effective dominance asserts them as formidable contenders, solidifying their leading status. With an eye on sustained success, Canterbury emerges as a team to watch, exhibiting a performance level that establishes them as a formidable force throughout the tournament’s duration.

Canterbury Squad

Cole McConchie (c), Chad Bowes, Harry Chamberlain, Ken McClure, Leo Carter, Matthew Boyle, Rhys Mariu, Sean Davey, Bevon Jacobs, Michael Rippon, Ed Nuttall, Mitchell Hay, Angus McKenzie, Zakary Foulkes, Fraser Sheat, Henry Shipley, Matt Henry, Michael Rae, Cameron Paul, Dylan Hunter, Henry Nicholls, Matthew Hay, William O’ Rourke

Canterbury Predicted Playing XI

Name of the player Role of the player 
Cole McConchie (c)Bowling All-Rounder 
Chad BowesBatter 
Henry NichollsBatter 
Leo CarterBatter 
Mitchell HayWicket-Keeper/Batter 
Michael RipponBowling All-Rounder 
Bevon JacobsBowling All-Rounder 
Zakary FoulkesBowler 
Angus McKenzieBowler 
Michael RaeBowler 
William O’ Rourke Bowler 

Canterbury Team Form

In the ongoing tournament, Canterbury has displayed an outstanding performance by securing victories in their recent two matches, enduring two losses, and settling for a draw in one. The team’s noteworthy presentation highlights their competitive strength and resilience on the field. Despite facing a defeat, their overall performance positions them as formidable rivals, and their ability to bounce back from setbacks adds to their reputation in the current tournament.

Central Districts vs Canterbury Head-to-Head

  • Total Matches Played: 5
  • Canterbury Won: 4
  • Central Districts Won: 1
  • Draw/No Result: 0

Central Districts vs Canterbury Betting Odds

Canterbury boasts favourable betting odds over Central Districts, attributed to their stellar team performance and the prowess of their squad. Bookmakers consider them frontrunners, considering their recent performances and the calibre of players in their lineup, consolidating their position as the preferred choice in the betting market.

  • Canterbury Betting Odds: 1.86
  • Central Districts Betting Odds: 1.94

Central Districts vs Canterbury Top Team Batsman

Cole McConchie’s exceptional batting abilities prove invaluable for the Canterbury team, as he demonstrates remarkable prowess with a total of 118 runs across three innings. His impressive average of 69.00 underscores consistent and impactful contributions, solidifying his pivotal role in the team’s success.

A cornerstone in the team’s victories, Doug Bracewell has gathered a substantial 113 runs in their last 3 matches. Showcasing an impressive average of 56.50, his batting epitomizes both unwavering consistency and top-notch performance. Bracewell’s contributions serve as a foundational element for the team’s success, offering not only crucial runs but also a stabilizing presence at the crease, ultimately reinforcing and elevating their overall performance.

Central Districts vs Canterbury Top Team Bowler

A key player for Canterbury, Zakary Foulkes, has significantly elevated the team’s performance by securing 5 wickets in the last three matches. Notably, his skilful bowling is complemented by an impressive economy rate of 7.41, highlighting his capacity to maintain control while providing crucial breakthroughs. Foulkes’ valuable contributions underscore his pivotal role in shaping the team’s success, consistently delivering controlled and effective bowling performances.

Jayden Lennox shines within the Central Districts’ bowling lineup, making substantial impacts with an impressive count of 6 wickets in a mere three matches. His skill is evident in upholding an economical rate of 7.18. Lennox’s impactful displays emphasize his vital role in fortifying Central Districts’ bowling department, a pivotal element in the team’s overall success in the competition. His noteworthy contributions underscore his importance as a key figure in the team’s pursuit of victory.

Prediction Author

Canterbury asserts themselves as a leading contenders with favourable odds of 1.86, striving to maintain their dominant position in the competition. Focused on securing the top spot, the team is steadfast in pursuing victories in upcoming matches. Conversely, Central Districts, also with odds at 1.94, assumes the underdog role, tasked with significantly improving their performance to challenge Canterbury. Central Districts face a demanding journey, requiring substantial gameplay improvement to contend with the formidable Canterbury squad.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:

Canterbury Kings

Canterbury enjoys a distinct edge in the upcoming clash against Central Districts, attributed largely to their stellar team performance and the abundance of talent within their squad. With triumphs in their last two successive matches, the Canterbury team is filled with confidence and is eager to extend their winning streak. Conversely, Central Districts face a considerable deficit in this matchup. Thus, Canterbury not only holds the favoured position but also stands as the team to overcome, seeking another victory to sustain their commanding presence in the tournament.


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