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KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Match Prediction December 14, 2023, cricket enthusiasts can brace themselves for an electrifying spectacle as KwaZulu-Natal Inland and Boland clash in the 15th showdown of the CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24 at City Oval stadium in Pietermaritzburg. Anticipate a thrilling face-off, promising an exhilarating showdown for all the passionate fans in attendance. The ongoing tournament has seen KwaZulu-Natal Inland’s struggles, reflected in their current position at the bottom of the points table. In their recent encounter with the North West team, they suffered a setback, facing a defeat by a margin of 115 runs. While the Boland team is also endeavouring to stage a comeback in the tournament, their recent match against the Dolphins squad ended in a draw, yet the team’s overall performance fell short of expectations.


  • Kwazulu Natal-Inland has displayed strength in their recent head-to-head encounters with one victory in the last five matches against their opponent.

  • Ben Compton stands out as the leading run-scorer for Kwazulu Natal-Inland, accumulating an impressive 324 runs in three matches at an average of 64.80.

  • Boland’s Siyabonga Mahima claims the top spot as the leading wicket-taker, securing 17 wickets in three matches with an average of 21.76.

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KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Chances Of Winning

Following a close defeat to North West, this match presents an opportunity for the KwaZulu-Natal Inland squad to stage a comeback. Ben Compton’s pivotal role is highlighted with 324 runs in 5 innings at an impressive average of 64.80. Keith Dudgeon’s contribution of 8 wickets and a consistent economy rate of 3.57 further add to the team’s prospects. In the context of the Boland team, Aviwe Mgijima stands out, accumulating 227 runs from 424 balls faced. Additionally, Siyabonga Mahima has played a crucial role, securing 17 wickets in the 6 innings he participated in. Together, their performances contribute significantly to the Boland team’s dynamics, showcasing both batting prowess and bowling strength in the ongoing tournament.

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Favourites to Win: Boland

Boland is yet to leave a mark in the current CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24 to improve their performance in upcoming matches. Shaun von Berg has been noteworthy, scoring 143 runs from 275 balls. In the bowling department, Shaun von Berg has displayed prowess, claiming 6 wickets with an average of 37.00. In contrast, KwaZulu-Natal Inland boasts Micheal Erlank, contributing 239 runs at an impressive average of 47.80. On the bowling front, Malcolm Nofal has secured 6 wickets with a steady average of 42.00 for the team.

Top Bets for KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Match

  • KwaZulu-Natal Inland Betting Odds: 45%
  • Boland Betting Odds: 55%

KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Prediction and Betting Tips

The KwaZulu-Natal team faces a disheartening scenario in the CSA Four-Day Series Division One and is left playing for the honour. In terms of batting, Keith Dudgeon has accumulated a mere 177 runs across 3 matches, while Dillivio Ridgaard’s struggle is evident, managing 116 runs in 271 balls. On the bowling front, Alindile Mhletywa has secured 4 wickets in 4 innings, and Thando Ntini has managed 2 wickets in the 2 innings he has played.

When it comes to the Boland team, there’s room for performance enhancement. Notably, Janneman Malan has exhibited commendable form, notching up 122 runs in 292 balls. However, Stiaan van Zyl’s contribution stands at 87 runs across 6 innings. On the bowling front, Glenton Stuurman has been impactful with 6 wickets at an economy rate of 3.13, complemented by Akhona Mnyaka who has secured 2 wickets in 5 innings.

KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Match Live Streaming

The live coverage of the CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24 is exclusively managed by the Cricket South Africa YouTube channel, providing an online platform for viewers. It’s noteworthy that live broadcasts of the tournament won’t be available on television for audiences in India, limiting the viewing options for enthusiasts.

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KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Toss Prediction

Set to take place at Pietermaritzburg’s City Oval, the upcoming clash between Kwazulu Natal-Inland and Boland unfolds on a ground renowned for favourable chasing conditions. Bowlers gain an advantage in the initial stages of the game, highlighting the significance of pitch conditions. This trend suggests that the team winning the toss is likely to opt for bowling first, strategically leveraging the conditions to gain an early advantage. The dynamics of the City Oval’s pitch add an intriguing element to the match, emphasizing the strategic decisions that could play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome.

Weather Report

Envision a match day marked by isolated thunderstorms, where temperatures climb to 36 degrees Celsius, and humidity settles at 49%. Anticipate a mild breeze at 23 kilometres per hour, offering players a measure of relief. These weather variables could add a captivating element to the game, impacting factors such as ball movement and player well-being, emphasizing the need for adaptability from both teams.

KwaZulu-Natal Inland News and Player List

KwaZulu-Natal Inland has struggled in the current tournament, highlighting a need for improvement in their tactics and gameplay. Enhancing their strategic approach is crucial for achieving better results in the upcoming matches, as the team aims to refine its performance and secure success in the competition.

KwaZulu-Natal Inland Squad

Michael Erlank (c), Dilivio Ridgaard, Alindile Mhletywa, Ben Compton, Kagiso Rapulana, Malcolm Nofal, Thamsanqa Kumalo, Smangaliso Nhlebela, Pite van Biljon, Tian Koekemoer, Keith Dudgeon, Mbulelo Budaza, Thando Ntini

KwaZulu-Natal Inland Predicted Playing XI

Name of the player Role of the player 
Michael Erlank (c)Batter 
Kagiso RapulanaBatting All-Rounder 
Ben ComptonBatter 
Pite van BiljonWicket-Keeper/Batter 
Malcolm NofalBatting All-Rounder 
Alindile MhletywaBatter 
Dilivio RidgaardBatter 
Tian KoekemoerBowler 
Keith DudgeonBowler 
Thamsanqa KumaloBowling All-Rounder 
Thando NtiniBowler

KwaZulu-Natal Inland Team Form

In the team’s recent three matches, KwaZulu-Natal Inland experienced two losses and one draw, hindering their ability to build a winning momentum in the tournament. Unfortunately, the struggle persists as they aim to secure victories and regain momentum to enhance their standing in the competition.

Boland News and Player List

Boland’s journey in CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24 has been marked by consistent lacklustre performances, enduring an extended phase of poor form. As a consequence, they currently occupy the 7th position on the points table. This unfortunate standing effectively eliminates them from the competition, highlighting the formidable challenge they face in overcoming their struggles and reclaiming a competitive edge in future tournaments.

Boland Squad

Pieter Malan (c), Stiaan van Zyl, Janneman Malan, Maahir Joseph, Christiaan Jonker, Shaun von Berg, Ferisco Adams, Clyde Fortuin, Aviwe Mgijima, Glenton Stuurman, Akhona Mnyaka, Hardus Viljoen, Michael Copeland, Siyabonga Mahima, Achille Cloete, Jason Oakes

Boland Predicted Playing XI

Name of the player Role of the player 
Pieter Malan (c)Batter 
Stiaan van ZylBatter 
Janneman MalanBatter 
Jason Oakes Wicket-Keeper/Batter 
Shaun von BergBowling All-Rounder 
Siyabonga MahimaBowler 
Akhona MnyakaBowler 
Ferisco AdamsBowling All-Rounder 
Aviwe MgijimaBowler 
Achille CloeteBowling All-Rounder 
Glenton StuurmanBowler

Boland Team Form

Boland faced setbacks in their recent trio of matches, encountering two losses and a draw, impeding their quest for a winning streak in the tournament. The ongoing struggle necessitates a concerted effort to secure victories and regain momentum, emphasizing the imperative for the team to refine their gameplay for improved outcomes in the upcoming tournament matches.

KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Head-to-Head Record

  • Total Matches Played: 5 
  • KwaZulu-Natal Inland Won: 1
  • Boland Won: 0
  • Draw/No Result: 4

KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Betting Odds

Boland has a higher chance of winning their upcoming match against Kwazulu Natal-Inland, due to their recent form in the tournament.

  • KwaZulu-Natal Inland Chances of Winning: 45%
  • Boland Chances of Winning: 55%

KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Top Team Batsman

Demonstrating exceptional batting prowess, Ben Compton emerges as a crucial asset for the KwaZulu-Natal Inland team, amassing an impressive total of 324 runs across 5 innings. His remarkable average of 64.80 underscores his consistent and impactful contributions, solidifying his significance in the team’s success. Compton’s batting proficiency stands as a cornerstone, elevating the team’s performance and adding depth to their batting lineup.

Integral to the team’s triumphs, Aviwe Mgijima has been a linchpin, accumulating a substantial 227 runs in the team’s most recent three matches. Maintaining a commendable average of 56.75, his batting stands as a testament to consistency and high-quality performance. Mgijima’s contributions serve as a cornerstone for the team’s success, offering not only valuable runs but also a stabilizing presence at the crease, fortifying their overall performance.

KwaZulu-Natal Inland vs Boland Top Team Bowler

A key contributor for KwaZulu-Natal Inland, Keith Dudgeon has been instrumental in elevating the team’s performance, securing 8 wickets in the last three matches. Impressively, his effective bowling is complemented by a noteworthy economy rate of 3.57, highlighting his skill in maintaining control while making impactful breakthroughs. Dudgeon’s valuable role underscores his significance in shaping the team’s success through consistent and controlled bowling performances.

Noteworthy in Boland’s bowling lineup, Siyabonga Mahima emerged as a standout figure, making substantial contributions with an impressive tally of 17 wickets in only seven matches. His prowess is further evident in maintaining an economical rate of 3.17. Mahima’s impactful performances underscore his significance in bolstering Boland’s bowling department, crucial to the team’s overall success in the competition.

Prediction Author

Boland, holding a solid 55% probability, confidently asserts its dominance in the CSA Four-Day Series Division One clash against KwaZulu-Natal Inland, who stands at 45%, providing a compelling opportunity to secure two crucial points. Boland’s roster, rich in talent and commendable potential, showcases impressive current form. In contrast, KwaZulu-Natal Inland lacks overall strength and recent positive performances, firmly placing Boland as the frontrunner for a triumphant outcome in this pivotal encounter.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:


Boland undeniably asserts its supremacy in the CSA Four-Day Series Division One against KwaZulu-Natal Inland, presenting a compelling chance to clinch two vital points. With a roster brimming with talent and commendable potential, Boland exhibits a noteworthy current form. In sharp contrast, KwaZulu-Natal Inland falls short in overall strength and recent performance, positioning Boland as the frontrunner for a triumphant outcome in this pivotal encounter.


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