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In the imminent Ranji Trophy Group A encounter, Jharkhand is set to face off against Haryana. Jharkhand enters the fixture on a high note, having emerged victorious in their last match against Manipur with a commanding lead of an innings and 102 runs. On the flip side, Haryana experienced a setback in their recent outing against Services, losing by a narrow margin of just one run. The upcoming battle promises to be a riveting clash of cricketing prowess. The Keenan Stadium will serve as the battleground for this intense contest, with the match scheduled to unfold from 9th to 12th February, commencing at 8:30 AM IST. Cricket enthusiasts can anticipate four days of gripping action as both teams strive for supremacy in the prestigious Ranji Trophy competition.


  • Over the past five encounters, Maharashtra secured victories in two matches against Vidarbha, who managed to win one.

  • Maharashtra’s leading run-scorer is Kedar Jadhav, amassing an impressive 867 runs in 8 matches, maintaining an average of 72.25.

  • Vidarbha boasts Aditya Sarwate as their primary wicket-taker, with a notable 40 wickets in 9 matches, showcasing an economical bowling performance with an economy rate of 2.47.

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Maharashtra vs Vidarbha Chances of Winning

Struggling in the current season, Maharashtra faces challenges with notable performances from players like Ankit Bawne, who accumulated 435 runs in 5 matches, including a high score of 153. The bowling prowess of Hitesh Walunj is evident, securing an impressive 36 wickets in 5 matches at an average of 15.30. In contrast, Vidarbha is riding a wave of regained momentum, enhancing their prospects. Atharva Taide, with 267 runs in 3 matches and a high score of 138, stands out alongside Aditya Sarwate, who has been influential with 21 wickets in 5 matches, boasting an impressive average of 11.47. The forthcoming clash promises a dynamic battle, with both teams relying on their key contributors to sway the outcome in their favour.

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Favourites to Win: Maharashtra

With an impressive winning streak, Vidarbha emerges as the frontrunner in the ongoing tournament, establishing themselves as the favourites. Among their standout performers are Akshay Wadkar, who has notched up 249 runs in 5 matches, featuring four half-centuries, and Aditya Thakare, showcasing remarkable bowling skills with 23 wickets at an average of 14.43. Maharashtra, seeking to capitalize on the home ground advantage, brings formidable players into the fray. Kedar Jadhav has been a batting stalwart, amassing 312 runs in 4 matches at an average of 52, while Pradeep Dadhe has proven instrumental in the bowling department, securing 16 wickets in 5 matches at an average of 22.81. The impending clash between these two sides promises a captivating spectacle, with both teams banking on their key players to tip the scales in a highly anticipated and closely contested encounter.

Top Bets for Maharashtra vs Vidarbha Match

  • Maharashtra Chances of Winning – 45%
  • Vidarbha Chances of Winning – 55%

Maharashtra vs Vidarbha Prediction & Betting Tips 2024

Maharashtra has not been able to secure consistent wins in the current season, as the team only holds one win in five matches. This affects their confidence for the upcoming match against Vidarbha, while Maharashtra takes the home-ground advantage to make the match intense. They have batsmen like Kaushal Tambe, who scored 53 runs in 76 balls, and Taranjitsingh Dhillon, who scored 49 runs in 145 balls in the previous match. Azim Kazi has only taken a wicket across 4 games at an economy of 4.40.

Vidarbha, on the other hand, has been on an impressive winning momentum in this tournament, grabbing wins in three of five matches played till now, which also boosts their confidence levels for the upcoming match against Maharashtra. They have batsmen like Karun Nair, who scored 247 runs in 5 matches with a high score of 112, and Dhruv Shorey, who scored 192 runs in 5 matches with a high score of 113. Umesh Yadav has taken 19 wickets across four games at an average of 21.78.

Maharashtra vs Vidarbha Match Live Streaming

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Maharashtra vs Vidarbha Match Toss Predictions

The forthcoming clash between Maharashtra and Vidarbha at the esteemed Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium gains prominence due to its favourable batting conditions, a feature highly valued by cricket aficionados. This stadium, renowned for its batsman-friendly environment, has hosted two International Test matches, both won by the team batting first. The synergy of a rapid outfield and propitious pitch conditions in the early phases suggests a tendency for the team winning the toss to opt for batting first, strategically capitalising on the conducive playing conditions at this renowned venue.

Weather Report

The upcoming clash between Maharashtra and Vidarbha is poised to proceed without weather interruptions. The absence of precipitation and moderate humidity levels ensures stable playing conditions. Gentle wind speeds and temperatures ranging from 14 to 32 degrees Celsius further contribute to an optimal environment for the match. Cricket enthusiasts can anticipate an uninterrupted and enjoyable contest as the weather forecasts favour a smooth unfolding of the game at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium.

Maharashtra News and Players List

Maharashtra emerges as a cricketing juggernaut, characterized by an extraordinary fusion of individual prowess and seamless team cohesion exhibited on the hallowed grounds. As they set their sights on the future, the team draws strength from an unyielding resolve – not merely content with maintaining their existing level of performance, but driven by a resolute ambition to scale unprecedented heights. The players, operating in harmonious synchrony, have cultivated a formidable force that propels Maharashtra along a trajectory marked by sustained excellence and the promise of reaching new zeniths in their cricketing journey.

Maharashtra Squad

Kedar Jadhav, Ankit Bawne, OM Bhosale, Pradeep Dadhe, Ramakrishna Ghosh, Azim Kazi, Vishant More, Nikhil Naik, Vicky Ostwal, Ashay Palkar, Naushad Shaikh, Dhanraj Shinde, Prashant Solanki, Siddhesh Veer, Hitesh Walunj

Maharashtra Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Kedar Jadhav (C)Batting All-Rounder
Ankit BawneBatter
Nikhil NaikBatter
Onkar KhatpeBatter
Naushad ShaikhBatter
Siddhesh VeerBowler
Azim KaziBowler
Ashay PalkarBowling All-Rounder
Vicky OstwalBowler
Hitesh WalunjBowler
Pradeep DadheBowler

Maharashtra Team Form

Navigating through the recent five encounters, Maharashtra grapples with the dynamics of two defeats, one victory, and two draws. This mixed performance fuels the team’s determination to transcend their current standing, showcasing an ardent eagerness to elevate their game in the upcoming matches.

Vidarbha News and Players List

Vidarbha has seamlessly realigned with the winning tempo, solidifying their stance as potent contenders for the impending match. The absence of reported injuries within the team not only points towards a state of physical readiness but also signifies a probable continuity in their current playing XI. This injury-free status serves as a cornerstone, enhancing Vidarbha’s prospects as they approach the forthcoming game with a consistent lineup, fostering a resurgence of confidence and determination.

Vidarbha Squad

Akshay Wadkar, Aditya Sarwate, Shubham Dubey, Harsh Dubey, Faiz Fazal, Mohit Kale, Lalit Yadav, Karun Nair, Darshan Nalkande, Yash Rathod, Sanjay Raghunath, Dhruv Shorey, Aditya Thakare, Akshay Wakhare, Siddhesh Wath, Umesh Yadav, Yash Thakur.

Vidarbha Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Dhruv Shorey Batter
Sanjay Raghunath Batter
Atharva Taide Batter 
Karun Nair Batter
Akshay Wadkar (C)Wicket-Keeper/Batter 
Akshay Wakhare Bowler
Umesh Yadav Bowler
Aditya Sarwate Bowler
Shubham DubeyBowler
Aditya ThakareBowler
Yash ThakurBowler

Vidarbha Team Form

Sailing on the tide of triumph, Vidarbha stands tall with an impressive record of three victories and a sole defeat in their last five encounters. This stellar performance not only highlights the team’s strength and resilience but also establishes them as formidable contenders in the cricketing arena.

Maharashtra vs Vidarbha Head-to-Head Record

In the previous five matchups, Maharashtra emerged triumphant in two encounters against Vidarbha, while Vidarbha clinched victory in one, shaping an intriguing balance of outcomes between the two teams.

  • Total Matches Played: 5
  • Maharashtra Won: 2
  • Vidarbha Won: 1
  • Draw/No-Result: 2

Maharashtra vs Vidarbha Betting Odds

With a commendable track record against Rajasthan, Vidarbha enters their upcoming match against Maharashtra as the favoured team, backed by favourable betting odds. The team’s historical dominance over their opponents solidifies their status as frontrunners, instilling confidence in their ability to secure another victory in the impending contest.

  • Maharashtra Chances of Winning – 45%
  • Vidarbha Chances of Winning – 55%

Maharashtra vs Vidarbha Top Team Batsman

Ankit Bawne assumes a pivotal role in Maharashtra’s formidable batting order, spearheading their recent dominance with an outstanding tally of 735 runs in the last 10 matches. His batting prowess extends beyond sheer numbers, embodying a rare consistency that positions him as the linchpin of Maharashtra’s run-scoring machinery.

In the dynamic realm of Vidarbha’s batting brilliance, Sanjay Raghunath emerges as the leading run-scorer, charting an impressive course with a total of 447 runs in the team’s recent 8 games. Raghunath’s noteworthy contributions go beyond numerical feats.

Maharashtra vs Vidarbha Top Team Bowler

In the robust ensemble of Maharashtra’s bowling arsenal, Pradeep Dadhe emerges as a standout luminary, leaving an indelible mark with an impressive tally of 40 wickets in the team’s latest 10 innings. His bowling prowess transcends mere statistics, weaving a narrative of exceptional skill and strategic finesse. Notably, Dadhe’s command over the game is further underscored by a commendable economy rate of 2.73.

Aditya Sarwate has ascended to the forefront as the primary wicket-taking force for Vidarbha, crafting a remarkable record with 40 dismissals in the team’s recent nine games. His extraordinary impact goes beyond mere statistics, as Sarwate’s bowling proficiency is underscored by an exceptional economy rate of 2.47.

Prediction Author

Heading into the imminent Ranji Trophy clash, Vidarbha stands as the favoured contender with a robust 55% probability of emerging victorious over Maharashtra. This forecast is not merely a statistical projection but is rooted in Vidarbha’s consistent track record of dominance over their counterparts in previous Ranji Trophy encounters. On the opposing side, Maharashtra, with a 45% chance of victory, relies on the momentum gained from their recent winning streak to counter Vidarbha’s formidable prowess.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:


Stepping into the impending showdown against Maharashtra, Vidarbha exudes an air of invincibility, standing as an indomitable force on the cricketing stage. Their unyielding dominance, consistently showcased throughout the tournament, positions them as frontrunners for the upcoming clash. Vidarbha’s superior team form and a resounding track record of excellence create an aura of unparalleled confidence, making them the team to beat.


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