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In the forthcoming Group A encounter of the Ranji Trophy, Manipur is set to face Services at the ADSA Railways Cricket Ground. Coming off a challenging defeat against Jharkhand, where they succumbed by an innings and 102 runs, Manipur seeks a turnaround in fortunes. Services, buoyed by their recent triumph over Haryana by a slender margin of one run, enter the clash with renewed confidence. The battle is scheduled to unfold from 9th to 12th February at 9:30 AM IST. Cricket enthusiasts can anticipate four days of intense competition as Manipur and Services vie for supremacy in this prestigious domestic tournament. The ADSA Railways Cricket Ground is poised to host a compelling match, where both teams aim to make their mark in the highly competitive landscape of the Ranji Trophy.


  • Manipur and Services are set to encounter each other for the inaugural time in the history of the Ranji Trophy.

  • Langlonyamba Meitan Keishangbam stands out as Manipur’s leading run-scorer, amassing 679 runs in the last 10 games, maintaining an average of 37.72.

  • Pulkit Narang has emerged as the primary wicket-taker for Services, claiming 30 wickets in 8 matches with an economical bowling performance, showcasing an economy rate of 2.77.

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Manipur vs Services Chances of Winning

Facing a persistent losing streak in the current tournament, Manipur encounters a challenging phase. Key contributors include Langlonyamba Meitan Keishangbam, showcasing batting resilience with 243 runs in 5 matches, featuring three half-centuries, and Bishworjit Konthoujam, displaying bowling prowess with 12 wickets in 5 matches at an average of 31. On the flip side, Services has rejuvenated its winning momentum, bolstering their prospects for success. Players like Rajat Paliwal, amassing 461 runs in 5 matches, with a high score of 111, and Varun Choudhary, claiming 19 wickets at an average of 17.15 in 5 matches, contribute significantly to Services’ formidable lineup. The upcoming clash holds significance as both teams strive to alter their current trajectories in this crucial encounter of the Ranji Trophy.

Our Prediction

Favourites to Win: Services

Services, exhibiting strong performances, emerge as the favoured contenders against Manipur in the upcoming clash. Key contributors include Lovekesh Bansal, amassing 320 runs in 5 matches, featuring a high score of 161, and Arjun Sharma, showcasing bowling prowess with 17 wickets in 5 matches at an average of 19.17. Manipur, eager for a victory, presents players like Johnson Singh, scoring 146 runs in 5 matches with a high score of 62, and Kishan Sangha, who has been instrumental with 11 wickets in 5 matches at an average of 44.45. The impending contest promises an intriguing battle, with both teams banking on their key players to influence the outcome in this crucial phase of the Ranji Trophy.

Top Bets for Manipur vs Services Match

  • Manipur Chances of Winning – 35%
  • Services Chances of Winning – 65%

Manipur vs Services Prediction & Betting Tips 2024

Manipur has not been able to perform well in the current season of the Ranji Trophy, as the team still looks for their first win after five consecutive losses. For the upcoming match, they have batsmen like Ronald Longjam, who scored 116 runs in 2 matches with a high score of 42, and Kangabam Priyojit, who scored 179 runs in 4 matches at an average of 25.57. Sultan Karim went wicketless for the team in the previous match and held an economy of 4.63.

Services, on the other hand, have regained their winning momentum in this tournament which boosts their confidence for the upcoming match against Manipur. The team will be looking forward to extending its winning momentum in the next game. They have batsmen like Ravi Chauhan, who scored 280 runs in 5 matches with a high score of 153, and Shubham Rohilla, who scored 280 runs in 5 matches with a high score of 150. Pulkit Narang has taken 9 wickets in 3 matches at an average of 26.33 runs per wicket.

Manipur vs Services Match Live Streaming

Ensure you catch the live broadcast of the upcoming Group A showdown between Manipur and Services on the JioCinema application, offering complimentary streaming of Ranji Trophy matches. This platform guarantees broad accessibility, reaching out to cricket enthusiasts and providing a seamless viewing experience for the highly anticipated clash. Stay connected as the application offers fans the convenience of enjoying the thrilling match directly from their screens, enriching the overall experience of watching cricket.

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Manipur vs Services Match Toss Predictions

Set to unfold at the ADSA Railways Cricket Ground, the Manipur vs Services encounter is poised on a pitch favouring the team batting first, attributed to its rapid outfield. Progressing through the game, spinners gain an advantageous position on the pitch, posing challenges for chasing teams. This trend indicates a strategic advantage for the team winning the toss, likely opting to bat first and capitalize on the favourable conditions at the ADSA Railways Cricket Ground.

Weather Report

The upcoming clash between Manipur and Services is anticipated to proceed smoothly, unaffected by adverse weather conditions. With no chances of precipitation and low humidity levels, the playing conditions are expected to be favourable. Light wind speeds and a temperature range of 16 to 29 degrees Celsius further enhance the outlook for an uninterrupted and enjoyable match. Cricket enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing the battle unfold at the ADSA Railways Cricket Ground under weather conditions conducive to an engaging contest.

Manipur News and Players List

Manipur’s journey in the Ranji Trophy season of 2024 has been marked by a formidable challenge, as the team navigates a demanding start and confronts a precarious position. The early stages of the season have transformed into a rigorous testing ground for Manipur, where they find themselves pitted against adversity. Establishing a solid foundation in the competition has evolved into an uphill battle, demanding resilience and strategic recalibration from the team. As Manipur grapples with the challenges, each match becomes a crucial opportunity to turn the tide and shape a narrative of resurgence in the ongoing Ranji Trophy campaign.

Manipur Squad

Langlonyamba Meitan Keishangbam, Basir Rahman, Bikash Singh, Johnson Singh, L Kishan Singha, Bishworjit Konthoujam, Ronald Longjam, Narisingh Yadav, Nitesh Sedai, Prafullomani Singh, Kishan Thokchom, Rex Rajkumar, Kangabam Priyojit, Lamabam Singh, Karnajit Yumnam

Manipur Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Karnajit YumnamBatter
Basir RahmanBatting All-Rounder
Langlonyamba Meitan Keishangbam (C)Batter
Bishworjit KonthoujamBowler
Prafullomani SinghWicket-Keeper/Batter
Kangabam PriyojitBatter
Johnson SinghBatter
Nitish SedaiBowler
Rex SinghBowler
Lamabam SinghBowler
Kishan SanghaBowler

Manipur Team Form

Manipur has encountered a challenging phase in their recent performances, facing setbacks in all five of their latest matches. This string of defeats indicates a period of poor form for the team, presenting a formidable hurdle that requires careful analysis and strategic adjustments. As Manipur grapples with this series of losses, they are confronted with the imperative of regaining momentum and transforming their fortunes in the upcoming fixtures.

Services News and Players List

Services persist in their quest to clinch their first triumph of the season, prompting a thorough evaluation of potential lineup changes. In anticipation of the impending match, the team is actively exploring strategic alterations to elevate their performance and disrupt the existing streak. Motivated to reverse the current tide, Services is dedicated to overcoming challenges and devising a lineup that possesses the prowess to secure the elusive victory in the Ranji Trophy.

Services Squad

Varun Choudhary, Vineet Dhankhar, Anshul Gupta, Vikas Hathwala, Lovekesh Bansal, Nakul Sharma, Pulkit Narang, Nitin Yadav, Rajat Paliwal, Poonam Poonia, Raj Bahadur, Ravi Chauhan, Shubham Rohilla, Arjun Sharma, Nitin Tanwar.

Services Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Shubham Rohilla Batter
Ravi Chauhan Batter
Anshul GuptaBatter
Rajat Paliwal (C)Batting All-rounder 
Vilas HathwalaBowling All-rounder 
L S Kumar Wicket-Keeper/Batter 
Pulkit Narang Bowle
Arjun Sharma Bowler
Poonam Poonia Bowler
Varun Choudhary Bowler
Pal Raj BahadurBowler

Services Team Form

Services’ recent outings have showcased a spectrum of performances in their last five matches, with one triumph and one defeat marking their journey. This fluctuating track record serves as a mirror to the team’s continuous endeavour to establish consistency and fortify their standing in the competition.

Manipur vs Services Head-to-Head Record

  • Total Matches Played: 0
  • Manipur Won: 0
  • Services Won: 0
  • Draw/No-Result: 0

Manipur vs Services Betting Odds

Services enter the upcoming match with unwavering confidence, showcasing a remarkable peak form that substantially enhances their chances of clinching victory. The team’s recent outstanding performances extend beyond a mere display of dominance on the field.

  • Manipur Chances of Winning – 35%
  • Services Chances of Winning – 65%

Manipur vs Services Top Team Batsman

Langlonyamba Meitan Keishangbam has emerged as an anchor of unwavering reliability in the formidable batting lineup of the Manipur team. Over the course of the past 10 matches, Keishangbam has not only displayed a remarkable level of consistency but has also accumulated an impressive total of 679 runs.

Ravi Chauhan has ascended to the coveted position of the top run-scorer for Services, showcasing his batting prowess by amassing a noteworthy total of 674 runs in the team’s most recent 10 games. Beyond the sheer quantity of runs, Chauhan’s batting performances exhibit remarkable consistency, reflected in an impressive average of 39.65.

Manipur vs Services Top Team Bowler

L Kishan Singha has risen as the unequivocal bowling maestro for the Manipur squad, earning widespread recognition for his exceptional skills demonstrated through an impressive tally of 51 wickets in the team’s latest 10 matches.

Pulkit Narang has emerged as the preeminent wicket-taker for Services, making a significant impact with an impressive haul of 30 wickets in a mere eight games. His remarkable bowling proficiency is underscored by an economical rate of 2.77, revealing not only his ability to take wickets but also his skill in effectively constraining opposition batsmen.

Prediction Author

Services stand confidently, backed by a compelling 65% likelihood of triumph in the upcoming clash. This not only solidifies their position as clear favourites but also places them at the forefront with unwavering assurance. The team’s remarkable form and strategic acumen create a potent equation, paving the way for a commanding performance that radiates dominance. On the flip side, Manipur confronts the challenge with a 35% chance of victory, indicating a spirited but uphill struggle against the formidable Services.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:


Services enters the upcoming clash not just as participants but as dominant contenders, showcasing peak form for a higher chance of victory. Recent stellar performances highlight their superiority on the field, establishing them as formidable and impactful competitors in the ongoing competition. The team’s approach reflects confidence, making them a force to be reckoned with as they aim to leave a lasting impression on the cricketing stage.


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