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The opening encounter of the Ranji Trophy Plate League sets the stage for a face-off between Nagaland and Hyderabad. Nagaland, having faced challenges in securing victories in the previous season, found themselves relegated to the Plate League. On the other hand, Hyderabad concluded the last Ranji Trophy season with a series of consecutive losses. The upcoming match, scheduled from January 5th to 8th at 9:30 AM IST at the Nagaland Cricket Stadium, promises a fresh start for both teams. As they vie for success in this crucial clash, Nagaland seeks redemption and Hyderabad aims to reverse their previous season’s misfortunes, setting the tone for an intriguing battle in the early stages of the Ranji Trophy Plate League.


  • The upcoming Ranji Trophy edition marks the inaugural encounter between Nagaland and Hyderabad.

  • Rongsen Jonathan stands out as Nagaland’s leading run-scorer, accumulating 365 runs in 10 matches at an average of 21.47.

  • Hyderabad’s primary wicket-taker, Ravi Teja, boasts 38 wickets in 9 matches, demonstrating a stellar bowling performance with an economy of 3.79.

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Nagaland vs Hyderabad Chances of Winning

Struggling in the previous season, Nagaland faced challenges in securing victories. Key players include Rongsen Jonathan, amassing 221 runs in 7 matches with a top score of 96, and Imliwati Lemtur, claiming 15 wickets at an economical rate of 3.72. In contrast, Hyderabad enters the upcoming clash with a more formidable lineup, raising their winning prospects. Notable contributors for Hyderabad include Rohit Rayudu, showcasing an impressive 575 runs in 7 matches, boasting a high score of 153, and Ravi Teja, the primary wicket-taker with 18 dismissals in six matches, maintaining an economy of 4.23. The match presents a clash between Nagaland’s redemption quest and Hyderabad’s desire to build on their superior form from the previous season.

Our Prediction

Favourites to Win: Hyderabad

The recent stellar performances of Hyderabad’s players position them as favourites for victory. Standouts include Tanmay Agarwal, amassing 562 runs in 7 matches with a top score of 135, and Kartikeya Kak, securing 24 wickets in six matches at an average of 30.70. Nagaland, with a fervour for success, showcases players like Joshua Ozukum, contributing 185 runs in six matches with a high score of 56, and Rongsen Jonathan, who took 16 wickets in 7 matches at an average of 48. The clash between these teams unfolds as Hyderabad seeks to maintain their winning streak, while Nagaland aims for a triumphant start in the Ranji Trophy Plate League.

Top Bets for Nagaland vs Hyderabad Match

  • Nagaland Chances of Winning – 45%
  • Hyderabad Chances of Winning – 55%

Nagaland vs Hyderabad Prediction & Betting Tips 2024

Nagaland’s performance in the previous season of the Ranji Trophy did not go as the team expected, due to which they would have to be a part of the Plate League in the current season. For the first match against Hyderabad, they have batsmen like Sedezhalie Rupero, who scored 129 runs in five matches with a high score of 71, and Yugandhar Singh, who scored 226 runs in 7 matches with two half-centuries. Chopsie Hopongkyu took 4 wickets in five matches at an economy of 4.35.

Hyderabad, on the other hand, finished the previous Ranji Trophy edition with consecutive losses which affected the team’s momentum in the tournament. However, they will be looking forward to the match against Nagaland as an opportunity to regain their winning momentum. They have batsmen like Chandan Sahani, who scored 238 runs in 4 matches with three half-centuries, and Tanay Thyagarajan, who scored 155 runs in 3 matches with a high score of 69. Rohit Rayudu took 2 wickets in seven matches at an economy of 4.80.

Nagaland vs Hyderabad Match Live Streaming

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Nagaland vs Hyderabad Match Toss Predictions

The Nagaland versus Hyderabad encounter unfolds at the Nagaland Cricket Stadium in Sovima. Renowned for its favourable batting conditions, the ground’s fast outfield sets the stage for teams batting first to post substantial scores. However, a shift occurs in the latter stages of the game, with bowlers gaining an advantage. This pattern suggests that winning the toss is pivotal, as the team securing it is likely to opt for batting first, strategically capitalising on the initial batting-friendly conditions at the Nagaland Cricket Stadium.

Weather Report

The weather conditions for the Nagaland versus Hyderabad match appear favourable with no expected precipitation throughout the game days. However, there is a potential challenge as humidity levels are projected to exceed 80%. The anticipated light wind speeds contribute to a stable playing environment. Temperature variations between 11 to 24 degrees Celsius further ensure that the match is unlikely to be hampered by weather-related issues, allowing cricket enthusiasts to anticipate an uninterrupted and engaging contest at the Nagaland Cricket Stadium.

Nagaland News and Players List

Nagaland is on the verge of a hopeful kickoff in the Plate League, harbouring ambitions of clinching a triumph against Hyderabad. Boasting an absence of reported injuries, the team is gearing up to field their optimal playing eleven, underscoring their dedication to delivering a formidable performance in the impending clash. Nagaland’s fervent desire to initiate the league on a winning note not only accentuates their determination but also underscores their meticulous preparation for a triumphant campaign in the Ranji Trophy Plate League.

Nagaland Squad

Rongsen Jonathan, Chopise Hopongkyu, RS Jaganath Sinivas, Sepichem Jingru, Khrievitso Kense, Imliwati Lemtur, Nzanthung Mozhui, Nagaho Chishi, Joshua Ozukum, Sedezhalie Rupero, Vishal Sahani, Sumit Kumar, Tahmeed Rahman, Karan Tewatiya, Yugandhar Singh.

Nagaland Predicted Playing XI

Rongsen Jonathan (C)Batting All-Rounder
Imliwati LemturBowling All-Rounder
Joshua OzukumBatter
Sedezhalie RuperoBatter
Yugandhar SinghBatter
RS Jaganath SinivasBowler
Yugandhar SinghBatter
Sumit KumarWicket-Keeper/Batter
Karan TewatiyaBowler
Tahmeed RahmanBowler
Chopsie HopongkyuBowler

Nagaland Team Form

Nagaland is confronting a challenging phase, having experienced a string of three losses in their most recent five matches, indicating a worrisome dip in their performance momentum. This less-than-ideal track record underscores the significance of their upcoming encounter in the Ranji Trophy Plate League. It serves as a pivotal opportunity for Nagaland to shift the narrative, reverse the prevailing trend, and notch a crucial victory that could potentially reshape its standing in the competition.

Hyderabad News and Players List

Despite a less-than-dominant display in the previous season, Hyderabad eyes the match against Nagaland as a chance to kickstart the Plate League with a victory. With no reported injuries, the team is keen to field their optimal playing eleven, showcasing a determined approach for a successful start in the upcoming encounter. Hyderabad aims to capitalize on this opportunity, demonstrating resilience and aspiring to set a positive tone in the Ranji Trophy Plate League.

Hyderabad Squad

Tilak Varma, Rahul Singh, Abhirath Reddy, Tanmay Agarwal, Sagar Chaurasia, Kartikeya Kak, Chama Milind, Nitesh Reddy, Pragnay Reddy, Ravi Teja, Rohit Rayudu, Chandan Sahani, Palakodeti Sairam, Elligaram Sanketh, Tanay Thyagarajan.

Hyderabad Predicted Playing XI

Tanmay AgarwalBatter
Rohit RayuduBatting All-Rounder
Tilak Varma (C)Batting All-Rounder
Chandan SahaniBatter
Tanay ThyagarajanBatter
Chama MilindBowler
Pragnay ReddyWicket-Keeper/Batter
Elligaram SankethBowler
Palakodeti SairamBowler
Kartikeya KakBowler
Ravi TejaBowler

Hyderabad Team Form

Hyderabad finds themselves in a challenging phase, enduring a consecutive string of losses in their recent five matches. The team grapples with a formidable losing streak, intensifying the importance of their upcoming fixture. As they gear up to face Nagaland, Hyderabad is determined to break this pattern and secure a crucial win in the Ranji Trophy Plate League.

Nagaland vs Hyderabad Head-to-head

  • Total Matches Played – 0
  • Nagaland Win – 0
  • Hyderabad Win – 0
  • Draw – 0

Nagaland vs Hyderabad Betting Odds

In the inaugural match of the Plate League, Hyderabad emerges as the favoured team with a higher probability of securing victory against Nagaland. Bolstered by a robust batting line-up, Hyderabad has demonstrated consistent performance, and the team is poised to assert dominance over Nagaland’s bowling contingent.

  • Nagaland Chances of Winning – 45%
  • Hyderabad Chances of Winning – 55%

Nagaland vs Hyderabad Top Team Batsman

Nagaland’s leading run-scorer, Rongsen Jonathan, has showcased his batting prowess with an impressive total of 365 runs in 10 matches, maintaining an average of 21.47. His consistent contributions highlight his significance in Nagaland’s batting lineup, positioning him as a key player as they embark on the challenge in the Ranji Trophy Plate League.

Leading Hyderabad’s batting charge, Tanmay Agarwal stands out as the team’s top run-scorer with an impressive tally of 696 runs in 10 matches, maintaining a solid average of 36.63. His consistent and impactful performances make him a pivotal contributor to Hyderabad’s batting strength in the ongoing cricket season.

Nagaland vs Hyderabad Top Team Bowler

Nagaland’s premier wicket-taker, Rongsen Jonathan, takes centre stage with an impressive 32 wickets in 10 matches, showcasing his bowling prowess. His remarkable achievements, coupled with an economical bowling rate of 2.93, establish him as a crucial asset in Nagaland’s bowling lineup during the ongoing cricket season.

Hyderabad’s primary wicket-taker, Ravi Teja, steals the spotlight with an impressive tally of 38 wickets in 9 matches. Demonstrating exceptional bowling skills, he maintains an economical rate of 3.79, solidifying his role as a key force in Hyderabad’s bowling arsenal in the ongoing cricket season.

Prediction Author

Hyderabad, boasting a 55% probability of victory, is anticipated to triumph in the inaugural Ranji Trophy Plate League match against Nagaland. With players showcasing improved form since the previous season, Hyderabad emerges as the favoured team. Nagaland, with a 45% chance of winning, looks to their key players as they strive to defy the odds and secure a noteworthy win in this crucial encounter of the Ranji Trophy Plate League.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:


Hyderabad enters the forthcoming clash with Nagaland as the frontrunners, poised for victory. Despite facing a losing streak in the preceding season, the team is determined to rebound in the upcoming match. Eager to showcase resilience and turn the tables, Hyderabad aims to secure a triumphant start in the Ranji Trophy Plate League. The anticipation of a comeback underscores the team’s commitment and sets the stage for an intense and competitive encounter against Nagaland.


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