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In the imminent Group A encounter of the Ranji Trophy, Services is set to face off against Saurashtra. Services recently engaged in a competitive match against Jharkhand, concluding in a draw. On the other hand, Saurashtra emerged victorious in their previous clash with Vidarbha, securing a convincing 238-run win. The upcoming fixture is scheduled to take place from 26th to 29th January, commencing at 9:30 AM IST at the Palam A Ground in Delhi. Cricket enthusiasts can anticipate an intense battle between the two teams as they vie for supremacy in the prestigious Ranji Trophy. The Palam A Ground in Delhi is poised to witness thrilling cricketing action, with both Services and Saurashtra eager to make their mark in this crucial encounter.


  • Ravi Chauhan, Services’ top run-scorer, notched 820 runs in the last 10 games at an average of 48.24.

  • Services and Saurashtra have met three times, with Saurashtra prevailing twice, setting the stage for an intriguing clash.

  • Dharmendrasinh Jadeja leads Saurashtra’s bowling with 48 wickets in the last 10 games at an impressive economy of 2.63.

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Services vs Saurashtra Chances of Winning

Services face a challenging stint in the tournament, remaining winless thus far. Despite their struggles, individual performances stand out, with Rajat Paliwal amassing 317 runs in three matches, including a high score of 111. Meanwhile, Varun Choudhary has been pivotal, claiming 13 wickets in as many matches at an impressive average of 15.15. Saurashtra, on the other hand, boasts a resurgent form, enhancing their prospects. Key contributors include Cheteshwar Pujara, exhibiting his class with 444 runs in three matches, including a remarkably high score of 243. Additionally, Chirag Jani has been a potent force, securing 14 wickets at a remarkable average of 9.71 in three matches, further fortifying Saurashtra’s campaign.

Our Prediction

Favourites to Win: Saurashtra

Saurashtra’s dominance over Services positions them as clear favourites for the upcoming clash. Bolstering their strength are key players like Dharmendrasinh Jadeja, who showcased his bowling prowess with 10 wickets in three matches at an average of 20.30. Additionally, Vishvaraj Jadeja contributed 89 runs in 224 balls, adding depth to their batting. Services, however, is determined to turn the tide, fueled by players such as Ravi Chauhan, amassing 277 runs in three matches, including a notable high score of 158. The bowling department is spearheaded by Arjun Sharma, who clinched six wickets in as many matches, maintaining an average of 27. Services seek to capitalise on individual strengths and secure a pivotal victory in this encounter.

Top Bets for Services vs Saurashtra Match

  • Services Chances of Winning – 45%
  • Saurashtra Chances of Winning – 55%

Services vs Saurashtra Prediction & Betting Tips 2024

Services started off the new Ranji Trophy season with a loss, but a few lineup changes have helped the team to get back on its momentum. Now, they will be looking forward to turning the tables in the upcoming match against Saurashtra. They have batsmen like Lovekesh Bansal, who scored 133 runs in 3 matches with a high score of 73, and Anshul Gupta, who scored 171 runs in 3 matches with a high score of 149. Poonam Poonia took six wickets in three games at an economy of 2.55.

Saurashtra, on the other hand, has regained their winning momentum in the Ranji Trophy, after securing a dominant win over Vidarbha in their previous match. The upcoming match against Services could be another opportunity for the team to extend their winning streak. They have batsmen like Prerak Mankad, who scored 160 runs in 3 matches with a high score of 104, and Harvik Desai, who scored 183 runs in 3 matches with a high score of 85. Jaydev Unadkat has taken six wickets in 3 matches at an economy of 3.27.

Services vs Saurashtra Match Live Streaming

Cricket enthusiasts can catch the live action of the Group A face-off between Services and Saurashtra through the JioCinema application. This user-friendly app provides fans with the opportunity to enjoy Ranji Trophy matches at no cost, offering a convenient and accessible way to watch the game on their handheld devices. Don’t miss the excitement as the match unfolds, streamed seamlessly on the JioCinema platform for an immersive cricket viewing experience.

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Services vs Saurashtra Match Toss Predictions

Taking place at the Palam A Ground, the upcoming clash between Saurashtra and Services grants the latter a valuable home ground advantage. Historically, this venue has favoured teams batting first, with its fast outfield initially benefiting batsmen. As the match progresses, bowlers tend to capitalise on the changing conditions. This trend implies that the team winning the toss is likely to opt for batting first, aiming to leverage the early advantages offered by the Palam A Ground in this crucial encounter.

Weather Report

The Services vs Saurashtra match is expected to proceed without weather interruptions. No precipitation is anticipated, but high humidity levels exceeding 75% are projected throughout the match days. Light wind speeds are forecasted, and the temperature will fluctuate between 7 and 19 degrees Celsius. With these weather conditions, players can anticipate a stable and uninterrupted cricketing environment for the entirety of the match.

Services News and Players List

Services have faced a challenging initiation to their 2024 Ranji Trophy journey, characterized by an initial draw that posed an early obstacle. Undeterred by this early setback, the team stands resolute in their determination to rally, aiming to orchestrate a compelling comeback and secure their first victory of the season. Recognizing the pivotal need to reverse their fortunes, Services is doubling down on their efforts to overcome the initial hurdle and ignite a winning momentum.

Services Squad

Varun Choudhary, Vineet Dhankhar, Anshul Gupta, Vikas Hathwala, Lovekesh Bansal, Nakul Sharma, Pulkit Narang, Nitin Yadav, Rajat Paliwal, Poonam Poonia, Raj Bahadur, Ravi Chauhan, Shubham Rohilla, Arjun Sharma, Nitin Tanwar

Services Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Shubham RohillaBatter
Ravi ChauhanBatter
Nitin YadavBatter
Arjun SharmaBowler
Varun ChoudharyBowler
Vineet DhankharBatter
LS KumarWicket-Keeper/Batter
Rajat Paliwal (C)Batting All-Rounder
Anshul GuptaBatter
Poonam PooniaBowler
Pulkit NarangBowler

Services Team Form

Services, in the midst of their recent performances, clinched a lone victory in their last five matches, prompting a proactive pursuit of more triumphs. Recognizing the need for enhancement, the team is now honing in on opportunities to bolster their winning record as they approach the upcoming fixtures.

Saurashtra News and Players List

Facing challenges in their recent outings, Saurashtra finds themselves lagging behind in the current competition. Unfazed by the setbacks, the team is unwavering in their commitment to engineer a swift reversal, aiming to recapture the lost momentum. With a determined focus on making a substantial impact, Saurashtra is diligently gearing up to not only rediscover its form but also to propel themselves vigorously back into the heart of contention.

Saurashtra Squad

Jaydev Unadkat, Aditya Jadeja, Parth Bhut, Harvik Desai, Yuvrajsinh Dodiya, Sheldon Jackson, Dharmendrasinh Jadeja, Vishvaraj Jadeja, Chirag Jani, Devang Karamta, Kevin Jivrajani, Prerak Mankad, Snell Patel, Cheteshwar Pujara, Arpit Vasavada

Saurashtra Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Aditya JadejaBatter
Arpit VasavadaBatter
Cheteshwar PujaraBatter
Chirag JaniBatting All-Rounder
Dharmendrasinh JadejaBowler
Harvik DesaiWicket-Keeper/Batter
Jaydev Unadkat (C)Bowler
Prerak MankadBatter
Sheldon JacksonWicket-Keeper/Batter
Snell PatelWicket-Keeper/Batter
Yuvrajsinh DodiyaBowling All-Rounder

Saurashtra Team Form

Over the course of their last four matches, Saurashtra has encountered a dynamic blend of outcomes, tallying two defeats and, encouragingly, clinching two victories. The team now finds itself traversing a phase marked by varied performances, with a strategic focus on gleaning valuable lessons from setbacks and harnessing the positive outcomes to fuel their ongoing journey in the competition.

Services vs Saurashtra Head-to-Head Record

  • Total Matches Played: 3
  • Saurashtra Won: 2
  • Services Won: 0
  • Draw/No-Result: 1

Services vs Saurashtra Betting Odds

Demonstrating a stellar level of play, Saurashtra has been propelled by the extraordinary skills of their players and their outstanding current form. With key players operating at their peak, the team is steadfast in its pursuit of preserving their competitive edge and asserting dominance over Services.

  • Services Chances of Winning – 45%
  • Saurashtra Chances of Winning – 55%

Services vs Saurashtra Top Team Batsman

At the heart of the middle-order lineup for the Services team, Rajat Paliwal stands as an imposing figure, showcasing remarkable batting prowess. His stellar performances in the last 10 matches have seen him amass an impressive total of 765 runs, a testament to his ability to deliver consistently impactful contributions with the bat.

Wearing the Saurashtra colours, Arpit Vasavada has emerged as a standout performer, showcasing exceptional batting skills with a notable accumulation of 712 runs in the last 10 matches. The brilliance of his displays is further underscored by an outstanding batting average of 44.50, underscoring not only his remarkable consistency but also the significant impact he consistently brings to the team’s overall success.

Services vs Saurashtra Top Team Bowler

Pulkit Narang stands as the linchpin of the Services team’s bowling prowess, assuming a pivotal role that extends far beyond statistics. Renowned for his ability to dismantle opposition batting line-ups, Narang’s recent exploits have seen him emerge as the cornerstone of the team’s success. In the last 8 innings, Narang’s bowling wizardry has left an indelible mark, scalping an impressive tally of 30 wickets.

Establishing himself as the linchpin of Saurashtra’s formidable bowling arsenal, Dharmendrasinh Jadeja has emerged as a formidable force, spearheading the team’s charge with an impressive haul of 48 wickets in the last 10 matches. Beyond the sheer statistical prowess, Jadeja’s impact resonates in the nuanced artistry of his performances, where every delivery becomes a testament to his cricketing finesse.

Prediction Author

Saurashtra enters the upcoming contest as the frontrunner with a 55% probability of clinching victory, a testament to their commendable form and the remarkable talent embedded within their squad. The team’s favourable position is not just a statistical projection but a reflection of their consistent performances and the exceptional skills that each player brings to the cricketing arena. Conversely, Services, with a 45% chance of winning, seems to be navigating through challenges, a struggle vividly evident in their recent outings.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:


Exhibiting an exceptional standard of performance, Saurashtra finds itself propelled by the remarkable abilities of its players who are currently in outstanding form. The team’s key contributors are operating at the zenith of their capabilities, demonstrating a collective prowess that solidifies their commitment to maintaining a competitive edge and establishing dominance over Services. In a display of stellar gameplay, Saurashtra’s players have elevated their performances to an extraordinary level, becoming the driving force behind the team’s recent success.


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