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In the forthcoming clash of the ICC U-19 World Cup, South Africa U-19 is slated to face off against Scotland U-19. In their recent encounter, South Africa U-19 encountered a setback, succumbing to a defeat by 36 runs at the hands of England U-19. Similarly, Scotland U-19 faced a challenging match, losing to West Indies U-19 by 5 wickets. The upcoming showdown between these two teams is scheduled for 27th January, with the action set to unfold at 1:30 PM IST at Senwes Park. Cricket enthusiasts can anticipate an intense battle as these young talents strive to redeem themselves and make a mark in this pivotal contest on the global stage.


  • South Africa U-19 has displayed dominance over Scotland U-19, emerging victorious in all three encounters between the two teams.

  • Leading the run-scoring charts for Scotland U-19 is Ibrahim Faisal, who has claimed 3 wickets in 2 matches, maintaining an economy rate of 7.89.

  • Standing out as the primary run contributor for South Africa U-19 is Lhuan-dre Pretorius, amassing a total of 328 runs in the last 10 games with an impressive average of 32.80.

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Favorites to win:

South Africa
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South Africa U-19 vs Scotland U-19 Chances of Winning

Struggling to find their footing in the tournament, Scotland U-19 has faced challenges in their performance. Key players like Jamie Dunk, registering 97 runs in 2 matches with a notable high score of 57, and Ibrahim Faisal, contributing 3 wickets in 2 matches at an average of 23.66, have been noteworthy but unable to turn the tide. In contrast, South Africa U-19 exhibits a more formidable form, enhancing their prospects of victory. Dewan Marais, an impactful batsman, showcased his prowess with an impressive 107 runs in 77 balls across two games. Additionally, the bowling strength of Kwena Maphaka, claiming 5 wickets in 2 matches at an average of 12.80, adds to South Africa’s competitive edge, making them a formidable force in the upcoming encounter.

Our Prediction

Favourites to Win: South Africa U-19

Given South Africa U-19’s historical dominance over Scotland U-19, they emerge as the clear favourites for victory. The team boasts key contributors such as Steve Stolk, who displayed batting prowess with 69 runs in 2 matches, including a high score of 64. On the bowling front, David Teeger’s impactful performance includes taking a wicket in an inning at an economy of 9. While South Africa looks formidable, Scotland U-19 is keen to clinch a win with players like Alec Price, scoring 31 runs in 42 balls, and Adi Hegde, securing 2 wickets in 2 matches at an economy of 4.62. The upcoming match promises an intriguing clash between the strengths of the two sides.

Top Bets for South Africa U-19 vs Scotland U-19 Match

  • South Africa U-19 Betting Odds – 1.19
  • Scotland U-19 Betting Odds – 4.50

South Africa U-19 vs Scotland U-19 Prediction & Betting Tips 2024

South Africa U-19 have suffered a setback in their previous match against England U-19. However, their upcoming match against Scotland U-19 could be a great opportunity for the team to mark their comeback. They have batsmen like Lhuan-dre Pretorius, who scored 65 runs in 2 matches with a high score of 40, and Juan James, who scored 60 runs in 86 balls across two games. Tristan Luus took a wicket in the previous match at an economy of 3.45.

Scotland U-19, on the other hand, have not been able to perform well in the ICC U-19 World Cup, as the team lost both of their initial games. This might have an impact on their momentum for the upcoming match against South Africa U-19. They have batsmen like Owen Gould, who scored 53 runs in 2 matches with a high score of 48, and Adi Hegde, who scored 35 runs in 92 balls across two games. Logan Briggs has only taken one wicket in two games at an economy of 6.40.

South Africa U-19 vs Scotland U-19 Match Live Streaming

Cricket enthusiasts can access exclusive live streaming of the ICC U-19 World Cup through the Disney+ Hotstar application. This ensures instant and extensive coverage, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the captivating moments featuring emerging talents on the cricketing stage. The utilisation of the Disney+ Hotstar app brings an added level of convenience, heightening the excitement for dedicated cricket aficionados eager to witness the dynamic and unfolding action of the U-19 World Cup.

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South Africa U-19 vs Scotland U-19 Match Toss Predictions

The impending clash between South Africa U-19 and Scotland U-19 is set to unfold at Senwes Park, providing a distinct home ground advantage for South Africa U-19. Notably, Senwes Park has shown a penchant for favouring teams chasing, with 23 out of 45 ODI games won by the side bowling first. The average score in the initial innings registers at 234, dipping to 187 in the second innings. Given this established trend, there’s a likelihood that the team winning the toss will opt to bowl first.

Weather Report

Weather conditions may impact the Scotland U-19 vs South Africa U-19 match, as there is a probability of over 40% precipitation, coupled with high humidity at 63%. The wind speed is expected to be light, reaching 19 km/hr, while temperatures fluctuate between 16 to 30 degrees Celsius. These factors suggest a possibility of challenging playing conditions, with teams needing to adapt to the elements during the upcoming cricket encounter.

South Africa U-19 News and Players List

The U-19 team of South Africa has encountered difficulties in the current tournament, struggling to meet expectations with subpar performances. As they gear up for their next match, they find themselves in a challenging position. To overcome this adversity, the team urgently requires a significant improvement in their performance to shift the momentum in their favour.

South Africa U-19 Squad

Juan James, Esosa Aihevba, Kwena Maphaka, Dewan Marais, Martin Khumalo, Nqobani Mokoena, Riley Norton, Romashan Pillay, Sipho Potsane, Lhuan-dre Pretorius, Richard Seletswane, Steve Stolk, David Teeger, Oliver Whitehead, Ntando Zuma.

South Africa U-19 Predicted Playing XI

Name of the Player Role of the Player 
Lhuan-dre Pretorius Wicket-Keeper/Batter 
Steve Stolk Batter
David TeegerBatter 
Richard SeletswaneBatter
Oliver Whitehead Batting All-rounder 
Dewan Marais Batting All-rounder 
Romashan Pillay Bowling All-rounder 
Juan James (C)Batting All-rounder 
Riley Norton Bowling All-rounder 
Kwena Maphaka Bowler
Martin Khumalo Bowler 

South Africa U-19 Team Form

The South Africa U-19s have secured only one victory in their last two matches, prompting a need for improvement. The team is now determined to enhance their performance as they strive for better results in the upcoming games. This situation underscores the team’s aspiration to bounce back and achieve a more successful run in the tournament.

Scotland U-19 News and Players List

Occupying the bottom spot in the points table, Scotland U-19 finds themselves in a challenging situation as their performance has not been favourable. In a bid to turn their fortunes around, the team is eager to step onto the field with a positive mindset. They are not only aiming to stay alive in the competition but also seeking to inject renewed energy into their campaign through proactive and optimistic play.

Scotland U-19 Squad

Owen Gould, Harry Armstrong, Bahadar Esakhiel, Logan Briggs, Jamie Dunk, Farhan Khan, Rory Grant, Adi Hegde, Ibrahim Faisal, Mackenzie Jones, Nikhil Koteeswaran, Ruaridh McIntyre, Alec Price, Qasim Khan, Uzair Ahmad

Scotland U-19 Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Adi HegdeBatter
Jamie DunkBatting All-Rounder
Bahadar EsakhielBatting All-Rounder
Owen Gould (C)Wicket-Keeper/Batter
Uzair AhmadWicket-Keeper/Batter
Harry ArmstrongBatter
Mackenzie JonesBowler
Ibrahim FaisalBatting All-Rounder
Ruaridh McIntyreBatter
Qasim KhanBowling All-Rounder
Logan BrigsBowling All-Rounder

Scotland U-19 Team Form

Having suffered two consecutive losses in their recent matches, Scotland U-19s are now determined to reverse their fortunes and emerge victorious. The team is eagerly anticipating the upcoming games as an opportunity to not only break their losing streak but also to showcase their resilience and competitive spirit.

South Africa U-19 vs Scotland U-19 Head-to-Head Record

  • Total Matches Played: 3
  • Scotland U-19 Won: 0
  • South Africa U-19 Won: 3
  • Draw/No-Result: 0

South Africa U-19 vs Scotland U-19 Head-to-Head Record

South Africa U-19s are currently favoured in the betting odds, owing to their sustained team form and the inclusion of highly skilled players. This positions them with a distinct advantage heading into the upcoming clash against Scotland U-19s.

  • South Africa U-19 Betting Odds – 1.19
  • Scotland U-19 Betting Odds – 4.50

South Africa U-19 vs Scotland U-19 Top Team Batsman

Leading the charge in the batting department for South Africa U-19s is Lhuan-dre Pretorius, who has amassed an impressive total of 328 runs across ten matches, showcasing a commendable average of 32.80. His consistent performance not only highlights his individual prowess but also establishes him as a cornerstone player in the team’s batting lineup.

Owen Gould has firmly established himself as the standout batsman for Scotland U-19s, leaving an indelible mark with a noteworthy performance in the recent two matches. Displaying his prowess, Gould notched an impressive score of 53 runs, accompanied by a commendable average of 26.50.

South Africa U-19 vs Scotland U-19 Top Team Bowler

Stepping into the limelight, Kwena Maphaka emerges as the primary wicket-taker for South Africa U-19, showcasing a stellar display by securing an impressive total of 18 wickets in just eight matches. Demonstrating not only his proficiency but also an economical bowling rate of 4.69, Maphaka has proven to be a game-changer for the team.

Taking centre stage in Scotland U-19s’ bowling lineup, Ibrahim Faisal has asserted himself as a pivotal figure by clinching three vital wickets across two innings. His noteworthy performance is accentuated by a commendable bowling rate of 7.89, highlighting not only his knack for taking wickets but also his adept control and precision on the field.

Prediction Author

The betting landscape strongly tilts in favour of South Africa U-19s with commanding odds at 1.19, establishing a significant lead compared to Scotland U-19s at 4.50. These odds not only suggest a notable advantage for South Africa U-19s but also highlight their impressive form and the presence of a highly talented roster. The considerable gap in odds underscores the perceived superiority of South Africa U-19s, setting the stage for an intriguing matchup.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:

South Africa

The prevailing betting odds heavily favour South Africa U-19s, primarily attributed to their consistent team performance and the presence of exceptionally talented players in their lineup. This grants them a notable edge as they approach the impending showdown with Scotland U-19s. The team’s sustained form and the amalgamation of skilful individuals not only position them as frontrunners but also heighten the anticipation for an exciting and competitive match.


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