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In the forthcoming Group C encounter of the Ranji Trophy, Karnataka is set to face off against Goa. Karnataka faced a narrow defeat in their last match, falling short by just 6 runs against Gujarat. On the other hand, Goa’s previous fixture concluded in a draw against Chandigarh. The upcoming clash, scheduled from 19th to 22nd January, will unfold at 9:30 AM IST at the Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadeyar Ground. Both teams will be eager to make a mark in this crucial contest, aiming to bounce back from their recent performances. The Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadeyar Ground is poised to witness intense cricketing action as Karnataka and Goa vie for victory in this pivotal Ranji Trophy encounter.


  • In their solitary encounter, Uttarakhand and Puducherry battled to a draw.

  • Kunal Chandela emerges as the primary run-scorer for Uttarakhand, accumulating an impressive 676 runs in the last 10 matches with an average of 45.07.

  • Abin Mathew holds the title of leading wicket-taker for Puducherry, having claimed 13 wickets in six matches with a commendable economy rate of 2.79.

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Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Chances of Winning

After a promising start in the tournament, Puducherry faced a setback. Key contributors include Akash Kargave, amassing 111 runs in 2 matches with a high score of 45, and Sagar Udeshi, showcasing exceptional bowling with 13 wickets in one game at an average of 11.69. Uttarakhand, on the other hand, regained their winning momentum, enhancing their prospects for success. Noteworthy performers for Uttarakhand include Aditya Tare, displaying impressive form with 275 runs in two games, featuring a high score of 100, and Deepak Dhapola, making a significant impact with 10 wickets in 2 matches at an average of 15. The upcoming clash promises a compelling battle as Puducherry aims to bounce back, while Uttarakhand looks to sustain their winning streak in the Ranji Trophy.

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Favourites to Win: Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand’s commendable form in this tournament positions them as the favourites for victory. Key contributors include Kunal Chandela, amassing 121 runs in 2 matches with a high score of 50, and Rajan Kumar, displaying skilful bowling with six wickets in 2 matches at an economy of 3.84. Puducherry, eager to regain their winning momentum, features players such as Paras Ratnaparkhe, showcasing resilience with 78 runs in 2 matches and a high score of 60, and Abin Mathew, making an impact with 7 wickets in two games at an average of 11.85. As these two teams face off, cricket enthusiasts can anticipate a riveting contest filled with strategic brilliance and individual performances in the ongoing Ranji Trophy.

Top Bets for Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Match

  • Uttarakhand Chances of Winning – 55%
  • Puducherry Chances of Winning – 45%

Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Prediction & Betting Tips 2024

Uttarakhand have regained their winning momentum in the current season of the Ranji Trophy, which shows that the team is all set for their upcoming match against Puducherry. The home-ground advantage could further enhance the team’s chances of securing another win. They have batsmen like Priyanshu Khanduri, who scored 99 runs in 2 matches with a high score of 62, and Swapnil Singh, who scored 87 runs in 2 matches with a high score of 40. Jagmohan Nagarkoti secured three wickets in one match at an economy of 4.75.

Puducherry, on the other hand, has recently suffered a setback in their previous Ranji Trophy match, which might have an impact on their confidence levels for the upcoming match against Uttarakhand. The team will bring out batsmen like Jay Pande, who scored 64 runs in 2 matches with a high score of 21, and Krishna Pandey, who scored 54 runs in 2 matches with a high score of 44. Gaurav Yadav took 10 wickets in two games at an economy of 2.60.

Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Match Live Streaming

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Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Match Toss Predictions

Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Match Toss Predictions

Weather Report

The upcoming encounter between Uttarakhand and Puducherry is expected to proceed without any weather-related disruptions. No precipitation is forecasted during the match days, although humidity levels are anticipated to be above 60%. The wind speed will remain light, and the temperature is projected to fluctuate between 4 and 16 degrees Celsius, ensuring favourable conditions for an uninterrupted and exciting cricket match.

Uttarakhand News and Players List

Uttarakhand has at last achieved the desired results in their recent match, igniting a renewed sense of confidence within the team. Now, they set their sights on the future with a determined outlook, eager to capitalize on this positive momentum. Armed with a talented roster and a commendable form, Uttarakhand is poised to navigate the upcoming challenges successfully. The team envisions building upon this recent success, utilizing their skilled players and favourable form to emerge triumphantly in the subsequent matches.

Uttarakhand Squad

Jiwanjot Singh, Avneesh Sudha, Kunal Chandela, Yuvraj Chaudhary, Deepak Dhapola, Priyanshu Khanduri, Akash Madhwal, Mayank Mishra, Jagmohan Nagarkoti, Deepesh Nailwal, Dikshanshu Negi, Abhay Negi, Rajan Kumar, Akhil Rawat, Piyush Singh, Swapnil Singh, Aditya Tare

Uttarakhand Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Abhay NegiBowling All-Rounder
Aditya TareWicket-Keeper/Batter
Avneesh SudhaBatter
Deepak DhapdaBowling All-Rounder
Dikshanshu NegiBatter
Jiwanjot Singh (C)Batter
Kunal ChandelaBatting All-Rounder
Mayank MishraBatting All-Rounder
Priyanshu KhanduriBatter
Rajan KumarBowler
Swapnil SinghBowling All-Rounder

Uttarakhand Team Form

Uttarakhand’s recent performance in the last five games reflects a mix of three draws, a loss, and a crucial victory. Assessing this varied outcome, the team is now poised to look ahead with a forward-focused mindset. The blend of results underscores the team’s adaptability and resilience in different scenarios.

Puducherry News and Players List

Having faced a setback in their recent match against Baroda, where they fell short by 98 runs, Puducherry is now eager to regroup and reestablish their form. The team, equipped with skilled players and possessing a favourable form, is well-positioned to bounce back. Puducherry views the upcoming matches as an opportunity to showcase their resilience and regain momentum. With a roster that boasts both talent and form, the team remains confident in their ability to perform at a high level.

Puducherry Squad

Abin Mathew, A Aravinddaraj, Arun Karthik, Damodaran Rohit, Paras Dogra, Fabid Ahmed, Gaurav Yadav, George Samuel, Akash Kargave, Jayasundaram Karthikeyan, Marimuthu Vikneshwaran, Jay Pande, Krishna Pandey, Paras Ratnaparkhe, Raghu Sharma, Saurabh Yadav

Puducherry Predicted Playing XI

Name of the PlayerRole of the Player
Arun KarthikWicket-Keeper/Batter
Abin MathewBatter
Akash KargaveBatter
Fabid Ahmed (C)Bowler
Gaurav YadavBowler
Jay PandeBatting All-Rounder
Marimuthu VikneshwaranBatter
Krishna PandeyBowling All-Rounder
Santosh RatnaparkheBatting All-Rounder
Paras DograBatter
Saurabh YadavBowler

Puducherry Team Form

Puducherry has experienced a mixed bag of results in their recent five matches, securing two draws, enduring two losses, and clinching just one victory. This diverse set of outcomes reflects the team’s journey through a range of challenges and successes. As they reflect on this performance spectrum, Puducherry is now gearing up for a renewed focus in the upcoming matches.

Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Head-to-Head Record

  • Total Matches Played: 1
  • Puducherry Won: 0
  • Uttarakhand Won: 0
  • Draw/No-Result: 1

Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Betting Odds

Uttarakhand stands out with a combination of exceptional form and unwavering consistency among key players, solidifying their strong position as they set their sights on surpassing Puducherry. The team’s players have showcased stellar performances, making noteworthy contributions that have been instrumental in their success, ultimately elevating them to the upper echelons of the cricketing arena.

  • Uttarakhand Chances of Winning – 55%
  • Puducherry Chances of Winning – 45%

Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Top Team Batsman

At the forefront of Uttarakhand’s batting lineup stands Kunal Chandela, shouldering the crucial responsibility of anchoring the team’s batting performances. In the past 10 matches, Chandela has showcased his batting prowess by amassing a notable total of 676 runs.

Arun Karthik, a notable figure in the Puducherry team, has emerged as the standout batsman, earning the distinction of being the team’s premier batter. His impressive performance is highlighted by a remarkable total of 728 runs in the team’s recent nine matches.

Uttarakhand vs Puducherry Top Team Bowler

Mayank Mishra has risen to prominence as the distinguished bowler for the Uttarakhand team, securing an impressive tally of 37 wickets in the team’s latest nine matches. Complementing his wicket-taking prowess is an economical bowling rate of 2.90, underscoring Mishra’s efficiency in constraining opposition batsmen.

Abin Mathew has distinguished himself as a standout performer in the bowling department for the Puducherry team, demonstrating his prowess with a notable tally of 13 wickets in the team’s most recent six matches.

Prediction Author

Uttarakhand stands at the forefront with a commanding 55% likelihood of securing victory, firmly establishing themselves as the favoured contenders. This leading position is attributed to their remarkable form and the exceptional skill set demonstrated by their players. On the flip side, Puducherry finds itself in a more challenging scenario, holding a 45% chance of winning, signifying potential hurdles and a formidable task ahead. Uttarakhand’s elevated winning probability not only mirrors their current stellar form but also highlights the robustness and depth of their player roster, instilling confidence as they enter the upcoming contest in the ongoing competition.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:


Uttarakhand stands tall, asserting its dominance through an impressive fusion of exceptional form and consistent standout performances from key players. This amalgamation positions them as a force to be reckoned with, especially against the formidable team of Puducherry. The athletes of Uttarakhand have consistently delivered stellar performances, playing pivotal roles in securing victories that have catapulted the team to the forefront of the fiercely competitive cricketing arena.


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