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On February 18, 2024, cricket enthusiasts can anticipate an exhilarating showdown as Otago and Wellington face off in a highly anticipated clash at Queenstown’s John Davies Oval stadium. This crucial 30th match of the Ford Trophy 2023-24 provides both teams with an opportunity to serve their best performance in the upcoming fixture. Otago, currently holding the third position on the points table, showcased their dominance in their recent victory over the Northern Knights, triumphing by a margin of 6 wickets. In contrast, Wellington will play their final match after being eliminated from the tournament following their recent defeat to Auckland by 4 wickets.


  • In the last five matches between Otago and Wellington, Otago has won one, while Wellington has emerged victorious three times, with one draw.

  • Thorn Parkes, a formidable batter, has accumulated 298 runs while facing 430 balls.

  • Nathan Smith, part of Wellington’s bowling unit, took 10 wickets across 7 innings.

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Otago Volts
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Wellington vs Otago Chances of Winning

Otago’s goal is to preserve their top three position, ensuring a spot in the Qualifier match of the Ford Trophy 2023-24. Thorn Parkes has amassed 298 runs in 7 innings, boasting an impressive average of 59.6. In bowling, Ben Lockrose has secured 11 wickets at an average of 26.36. These statistics underscore Otago’s strong performances across both batting and bowling, enhancing their prospects in the upcoming matches. Conversely, Wellington’s prowess is exemplified by Troy Johnson’s achievement of 325 runs in 435 balls and Nathan Smith’s 10 wickets across 7 innings. These performances highlight Wellington’s formidable batting and bowling capabilities, setting the stage for an intense competition against Otago in the forthcoming matches.

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Favourites to Win: Otago

Before departing from the team, Wellington should strive to uphold their prideful image. Nick Kelly has been a notable contributor, amassing 248 runs in 301 balls. In the bowling department, Peter Younghusband has taken 9 wickets, averaging 35.88. These performances are crucial for Wellington to leave a lasting reputation even as they prepare for their next endeavours. Regarding the Otago team, Dale Phillips has played a crucial role, gathering 218 runs across 7 innings with an average of 31.14. In the bowling department, Luke Georgeson has claimed 10 wickets, demonstrating an economy rate of 4.58. These performances underscore the valuable contributions of both players to Otago’s success, highlighting their significance in both the batting and bowling aspects of the game.

Top Bets for Wellington vs Otago Match

  • Otago Betting Odds: 1.79
  • Wellington Betting Odds: 2.02

Wellington vs Otago Prediction and Betting Tips

The Otago team, poised for their upcoming match against Wellington, relies heavily on their key players. Llew Johnson, with 168 runs across 7 innings, and Dean Foxcroft, averaging 20.42 with 143 runs, bolster the batting lineup. In the bowling department, Jacob Duffy has clinched 10 wickets in 7 innings, while Matthew Bacon follows closely with 9 wickets in 5 innings. Their performance sets the stage for an exciting clash with Wellington.

A victory over the Otago team would provide Wellington with the impetus to excel in their upcoming competitive fixtures. Nick Greenwood’s contribution of 247 runs off 308 balls and Logan van Beek’s 226 runs across 7 innings have significantly bolstered the team’s batting prowess. In bowling, Logan van Beek’s economy rate of 5.98 and Bean Sears’ 7 wickets in 8 innings further enhance Wellington’s performance on the field.

Wellington vs Otago Match Live Streaming

During the Ford Trophy 2023-24 tournament, New Zealand Cricket’s YouTube channel has been designated to live stream matches for online viewers. With no live telecast available on Indian television sets, fans can tune in to the channel to catch all the action. This ensures that cricket enthusiasts in India have access to the matches despite the absence of televised coverage.

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Wellington vs Otago Toss Prediction

In the upcoming 30th Ford Trophy 2023-24 match at John Davies Oval stadium, it’s recommended for the team winning the toss to opt for batting first, given the favourable pitch conditions. The pitch’s nature suggests that taking the initiative to bat initially could prove advantageous, enabling the team to potentially exploit the opportunity of setting a target for their opponents in this crucial encounter.

Weather Report

On the day of the match, the weather forecast anticipates partly cloudy skies with temperatures reaching 22 degrees Celsius. The expected humidity stands at 62%, while the wind is forecasted to sustain a consistent speed of 13 kilometres per hour. These atmospheric elements could add an intriguing dimension to the game, influencing factors such as ball trajectory and player comfort. Adaptability emerges as a critical element for both teams to effectively manage and respond to these fluctuating conditions.

Wellington News and Player List

With the final match of the Ford Trophy 2023-24 approaching, the Wellington team must prioritize achieving their peak performance. It is crucial for them to focus on refining their skills and executing their strategies flawlessly. As they prepare to take the field for the last time in this tournament, their goal should be to leave a lasting impression with a stellar performance. This opportunity demands their utmost dedication and determination to succeed.

Wellington Squad

Nick Kelly (c), Nick Greenwood, Tim Robinson, Troy Johnson, James Hartshorn, Jesse Tashkoff, Michael Bracewell, Muhammad Abbas, Nathan Smith, Gareth Severin, Callum McLachlan, Peter Younghusband, Ben Sears, lan McPeake, Michael Snedden, Logan van Beek, Ollie Newton, Adam Milne

Wellington Predicted Playing XI

Name of the player Role of the player 
Nick Kelly (c)Batting All-Rounder 
Troy JohnsonBatter 
Nick GreenwoodBatter 
Callum McLachlanWicket-Keeper/Batter 
Jesse TashkoffBatting All-Rounder 
Muhammad AbbasBatting All-Rounder 
Logan van BeekBowler 
Peter YounghusbandBowler 
Nathan SmithBowling All-Rounder 
Ollie NewtonBowler 
Ben SearsBowler 

Wellington Team Form

Wellington’s performance in the tournament has been subpar, with only one win, three losses, and one draw. Their inconsistent results have highlighted areas where improvement is needed. Despite their efforts, they have struggled to find success on the field, falling short of expectations. As the tournament progresses, it is imperative for Wellington to regroup, address their weakness, and strive for better performances in the remaining matches to salvage their standing.

Otago News and Player List

The Otago team showcased their dominance with a commanding performance, exemplifying their strength and strategic prowess. Their tactical approach was evident throughout the game, highlighting their cohesive teamwork and skilful execution. With precision and determination, they displayed a formidable presence on the field, leaving spectators impressed and opponents challenged. This performance underscored the depth of their abilities and reinforced their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in their respective league.

Otago Squad

Dean Foxcroft (c), Dale Phillips, Hamish Rutherford, Jacob Cumming, Thorn Parkes, Llew Johnson, Jake Gibson, Luke Georgeson, Ollie White, Max Chu, Jamal Todd, Andrew Hazeldine, Ben Lockrose, Jacob Duffy, Jarrod Mckay, Matthew Bacon, Travis Muller

Otago Predicted Playing XI

Name of the player Role of the player 
Dean Foxcroft (c)Bowling All-Rounder 
Luke GeorgesonBatting All-Rounder 
Jacob CummingBatter 
Dale PhillipsBatter 
Thorn ParkesBatter 
Llew JohnsonBatting All-Rounder 
Max ChuWicket-Keeper/Batter 
Ben LockroseBowler 
Matthew BaconBowler 
Andrew HazeldineBowler 
Jacob DuffyBowler 

Otago Team Form

The Otago team delivered a commendable performance, clinching three victories, enduring only one defeat, and settling for one draw. Their consistent display of skill and resilience earned them praise from spectators and opponents alike. Despite facing challenges along the way, they remained focused and determined, showcasing their ability to adapt and compete at a high level. This series of results underscores their strength as a formidable competitor in their league.

Wellington vs Otago Head-to-Head Record

  • Total Matches Played: 5
  • Otago Won: 1
  • Wellington Won: 3
  • Draw/No Result: 1

Wellington vs Otago Betting Odds

Otago holds a more favourable position in the betting odds than Wellington due to its strong gameplay. This advantage stems from their effective strategies and performance on the field, which have garnered greater confidence from bookmakers and bettors alike in the potential for success.

  • Otago Betting Odds: 1.79 
  • Wellington Betting Odds: 2.02

Wellington vs Otago Top Team Batsman

Thorn Parkes has shouldered the batting responsibilities for the Otago team, amassing 298 runs across 7 innings with an impressive average of 59.6. His consistent performance at the crease has been crucial for the team, contributing significantly to their overall success. Parkes’ ability to deliver under pressure and maintain a high batting average highlights his importance as a key player in Otago’s lineup.

Troy Johnson emerged as a standout contributor in controlling the team’s run tally, accumulating a total of 325 runs across 8 matches, with an impressive average of 46.42. His consistent performance in managing the team’s scoring rate has been noteworthy, reflecting his crucial role within the squad, Johnson’s ability to maintain a high level of batting proficiency has significantly contributed to the team’s overall success on the field.

Wellington vs Otago Top Team Bowler

Ben Lockrose, a crucial component of the Otago bowling squad, has amassed 11 wickets across 7 innings with an economy rate standing at 4.72. His consistent performance underscores his significance within the team’s bowling unit. Lockrose’s ability to deliver under pressure has been instrumental in shaping the team’s success, making him a pivotal figure in Otago’s cricketing endeavours.

Nathan Smith has adeptly shouldered the responsibility of leading the bowling attack for the Wellington team and showcased his skill by securing 10 wickets in 7 matches with an economy rate of 5.84. His ability to effectively control the pace and direction of the game has been evident throughout, making him a pivotal figure in the team’s bowling strategy. Smith’s consistency and proficiency have bolstered Wellington’s defensive capabilities on the field.

Prediction Author

The Otago team boasts impressive betting odds of 1.79, reflecting their perceived superiority and strength in the competition. Conversely, the Wellington team has less favourable betting odds at 2.02, indicating lower expectations for their performance. This contrast in odds highlights the perceived difference in the team’s capabilities and suggests that Otago is considered the stronger contender in the upcoming match, with Wellington facing greater uncertainty in their prospects.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:

Otago Volts

Otago’s commendable performance and demonstrated dominance have positioned them with an advantage heading into the upcoming match against Wellington. Conversely, the Wellington team appears to be lacking in strategic tactics required to effectively compete with Otago. The notable difference in preparedness and approach between the two teams suggests that Otago is better equipped to maintain their dominance and secure a favourable outcome in the impending match.


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