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Scheduled for February 14, 2024, cricket enthusiasts are in for an engaging clash as the Warriors and Western Province go head-to-head in the 21st match of the CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24 at St George’s Park, Gqeberha. This encounter offers both teams a chance to rectify errors and bolster their strengths. Warriors are currently showcasing stellar form, sitting third on the points table following a drawn match against the Dolphins. Conversely, Western Province’s lacklustre performances see them languishing in sixth place, having suffered an 8-wicket defeat against Boland in their recent outing.


  • In the recent matches between Warriors and Western Province, Warriors have emerged victorious in both encounters out of the two matches played.

  • Jordan Hermann’s batting prowess has significantly contributed to his team’s success, amassing 435 runs from 767 balls, showcasing his exceptional skill.

  • Representing the Western Province team, Kyle Simmonds secured 19 wickets across 9 innings, establishing himself as a formidable bowling asset.

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Favorites to win:

Western Province
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Western Province vs Warriors Chances of Winning

The Warriors team showcased their powerhouse game techniques, elevating their reputation in the CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24. Jordan Hermann, a commendable batsman, accumulated 435 runs in 10 innings with an impressive average of 54.37. In the bowling unit, Beyers Swanepoel stood out, claiming 24 wickets at an average of 17.70, further bolstering the team’s performance and solidifying their standing in the competition. Meanwhile, Western Province has a chance for a comeback in their upcoming match. Edward Moore, a significant contributor, amassed 414 runs in 568 balls, showcasing his prowess with the bat. In the bowling department, Kyle Simmonds has taken 19 wickets across 9 innings, indicating his effectiveness on the field. This presents a chance for Western Province to regain their winning momentum and improve their table rankings.

Our Prediction

Favourites to Win: Western Province

Western Province is yet to demonstrate their best gameplay in the CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24. Kyle Simmonds has shouldered the responsibility of the batting lineup, contributing 271 runs off 339 balls. In the bowling department, Beuran Hendricks has impressed, securing 15 wickets at an average of 23.73. Their performances indicate areas of strength that could help Western Province improve in upcoming matches. Contrastingly, the Warriors have delivered a commendable performance, thanks to key contributors. Sinethemba Qeshile has played a crucial role, amassing 332 runs in 8 innings with an average of 41.50. Additionally, in the bowling department, Renaldo Meyer has stood out, claiming 12 wickets at an average of 36.41. Their efforts have significantly bolstered the team’s performance and overall standing.

Top Bets for Western Province vs Warriors Match

  • Warriors Betting Odds: 1.80
  • Western Province Betting Odds: 1.95

Western Province vs Warriors Prediction & Betting Tips

With an aim to assert dominance in their upcoming clash against Western Province, the Warriors team is poised to further showcase their formidable performance. Rudi Second, tallying 312 runs in 9 innings, and Jiveshan Pillay, with 262 runs averaging 32.75, have been pivotal in the middle order. Siya Simetu, with 10 wickets in 5 innings, and Patrick Kruger, securing 8 wickets in 8 innings, bolster the team’s bowling arsenal.

The Western Province team is enduring a challenging journey in the CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24. Yaseen Vallie, accumulating 213 runs in 310 balls, and Daniel Smith, contributing 190 runs across 6 innings, have supported the team with their batting skills. In bowling, Mthiwekhaya Nabe, claiming 13 wickets in 7 innings, and Dane Paterson, securing 4 wickets with an economy rate of 2.94, have provided significant assistance in maintaining team balance.

Western Province vs Warriors Match Live Streaming

In response to the absence of live telecast on television sets in India for the CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24, the Cricket South Africa YouTube Channel has been authorized to live stream the matches, making them accessible to online viewers. This approval ensures that fans in India can still follow the game, through streaming platforms, providing an alternative means to engage with the tournament’s matches.

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Western Province vs Warriors Match Toss Prediction

The 21st CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24 match takes place at St George’s Park, renowned for its 32 matches hosted. Historical analysis uncovers a trend, 14 victories for teams batting first and 13 for those bowling. Despite slight score fluctuations, the average remains steady at 312. Teams, prioritizing adept batting strategies, consistently choose the batting-first option, thereby enhancing their chances and contributing to their tally of 14 triumphs.

Weather Report

Expect a mix of partly cloudy conditions during the match day, with the temperature set to reach a comfortable 26 degrees Celsius. The atmospheric humidity is projected to hover around 66%, complemented by a steady wind speed of 19 kilometres per hour. These environmental elements not only add an interesting dimension to the game but can also impact both the trajectory of the ball and the overall comfort of the players on the field.

Western Province News and Players List

The Western Province squad has endured a challenging journey in the CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24 series. Despite their efforts, the team has faced difficulties and setbacks, resulting in a disappointing performance. Their struggles throughout the season highlight the need for reflection and improvement as they strive to overcome obstacles and regain their competitive edge in future matches.

Western Province Squad

Beuran Hendricks (c), Valintine Kitime, Tony de Zorzi, Edward Moore, Abdullah Bayoumy, Jonathan Bird, Yaseen Vallie, Kyle Simmonds, Juan James, Kenan Smith, Mthiwekhaya Nabe, Kyle Verreynne, David Bedingham, Dane Paterson, Nandre Burger, Daniel Smith, George Linde, Mihlali Mpongwana

Western Province Predicted Playing XI

Name of the player Role of the player 
Beuran Hendricks (c)Bowler 
Edward MooreBatter 
Jonathan BirdBatter 
Yaseen VallieBatter 
Valintine KitimeBatter 
Daniel Smith Wicket-Keeper/Batter 
George LindeBatting All-Rounder 
Kyle SimmondsBatting All-Rounder 
Mihlali Mpongwana Bowler 
Dane PatersonBowler 
Mthiwekhaya NabeBowling All-Rounder 

Western Province Team Form

The Western Province squad’s recent performance in the CSA Four-Day Series Division One 2023-24 has revealed a lack of effective tactical approach, as evidenced by two wins, two losses, and one drawn match. Their inconsistency on the field underscores the need for strategic refinement and cohesion within the team to achieve more consistent results in upcoming clashes.

Warriors News and Players List

The squad of Warriors embarking on a commendable journey continues to foster pride within their team. Through their ongoing efforts, they exemplify resilience, dedication, and camaraderie, inspiring admiration and unity among their peers. Their collective achievements stand as a testament to their unwavering determination and commitment to their shared goals, serving as a beacon of inspiration for the other squads.

Warriors Squad

Rudi Second (c), Jordan Hermann, Jiveshan Pillay, Diego Rosier, Patrick Kruger, Siya Simetu, Tristan Stubbs, Matthew Breetzke, Sinethemba Qeshile, Beyers Swanepoel, Nealan van Heerden, Shimane Alfred Mothoa, Siya Plaatjie, Kgaudisa Molefe, Tsepo Ndwandwa, Renaldo Meyer, Andile Mokgakane, Liam Alder

Warriors Predicted Playing XI

Name of the player Role of the player 
Rudi Second (c)Wicket-Keeper/Batter 
Diego RosierBatting All-Rounder 
Jiveshan PillayBatter 
Andile MokgakaneBatter 
Sinethemba QeshileWicket-Keeper/Batter 
Jordan HermannBatter 
Patrick KrugerBowling All-Rounder 
Beyers SwanepoelBowler 
Liam AlderBowling All-Rounder 
Renaldo MeyerBowler 
Siya SimetuBowling All-Rounder 

Warriors Team Form

The Warriors team has demonstrated effective on-field techniques, resulting in two victories, one loss, and two drawn matches in their most recent five matches. Their strategic prowess and skilful execution have contributed to a balanced record, showcasing their ability to compete at a high level consistently. This performance reflects their dedication and proficiency in the sport.

Western Province vs Warriors Head-to-Head Record

  • Total Matches Played: 2
  • Warriors Won: 2
  • Western Province Won: 0
  • Draw/No Result: 0

Western Province vs Warriors Betting Odds

Warriors emerge as the favourites with favourable betting odds owing to their impressive form and the exceptional performances of their players, who are currently at the peak of their game. The combination of consistent excellence and standout individual contributions positions Warriors ahead as they prepare to face Western Province.

  • Warriors Betting Odds: 1.80
  • Western Province Betting Odds: 1.95

Western Province vs Warriors Top Team Batsman

Jordan Hermann of the Warriors team has demonstrated exceptional prowess in commanding the batting lineup, amassing a total of 435 runs across 10 innings with an impressive average of 54.37. His consistent performance at the crease showcases his skill and determination, contributing significantly to the team’s success. Hermann’s proficiency underscores his importance as a key asset in the team’s offensive strategy.

Edward Moore has emerged as a significant contributor for the Western Province team, playing a crucial role in upholding their reputation throughout the tournament. His impressive performance includes accumulating 414 runs across 5 matches, boasting an impressive average of 51.75. Moore’s consistency and skill have been instrumental in maintaining the team’s competitive edge and enhancing their standing in the tournament.

Western Province vs Warriors Top Team Bowler

Beyers Swanepoel has played a pivotal role as a wicket-taker for the team, significantly contributing to their success and shine. With assistance from Swanepoel, the team has excelled, as he secured an impressive tally of 24 wickets in just 9 innings, boasting an economy rate of 2.84. His consistent performance underscores his importance and effectiveness as a key asset to the team’s bowling attack.

Beuran Hendricks has taken on the responsibility of managing the bowling setup for the Western Province team, demonstrating his effectiveness on the pitch. He has picked an impressive total of 15 wickets across 5 matches, showcasing his ability as a key player. With an economy rate of 2.88, Hendricks has proven to be a valuable asset in maintaining pressure on opposing batsmen.

Prediction Author

The Warriors, with favourable betting odds at 1.80, enjoy a distinct advantage in the upcoming contest. Their superior form and the impressive capabilities of their players have positioned them at the forefront of the competition. On the flip side, the Western Province, with less favourable betting odds at 1.95, faces a disadvantage, lacking the edge that the Warriors currently possess. The contrasting odds paint a clear picture of the Warriors’ dominance in player prowess and form, making them the front-runners as they head into the match.

Our Verdict

Favorites to win:

Western Province

The Warriors stand as the frontrunners with advantageous betting odds, propelled by their remarkable form and the stellar performances of their players, currently operating at the pinnacle of their skills. This blend of sustained brilliance and standout individual contributions firmly places the Warriors in a favourable position as they gear up to take on Western Province. Their collective excellence, coupled with the noteworthy achievements of individual players, establishes a compelling narrative of strength and capability.


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