The Best Cricket Betting Strategy that Actually Work 2024

Betting on cricket is like learning to play sports: you think you don’t know anything until you bat the ball for the first time. However, experienced bettors know that they need a good strategy to turn their bets into profit. This is even more true when it comes to cricket. 

Let’s take a run through the different cricket betting strategies, how they work and how any bettor can use them to turn the excitement into profit.

Learn more about strategies that help you to receive a higher profit from betting on cricket.

How Do Cricket Betting Strategies Work?

Cricket is an engaging game and offers many different bets easily combined into a single betting strategy. For example, there are straight bets, player side bets, team side bets, in-play bets, and much more, which can beautifully fit into a system. 

Cricket betting strategies work by placing multiple types of bets into a single ‘ticket’. For example, you can use your strategy to split the wager between different players or teams to ensure your winnings. Cricket betting strategies can also be used for matches or placing a lay bet for each bet on the list. 

You can also wager on players like the top bowler or batsman, the best players, etc. That’s why the best way to start betting on cricket is by utilising one of the two main betting strategies – the mathematical or the game-related ones.

Successful bettors use strategies for increasing their chances of winning.

Strategies Based on Mathematical Analysis

The mathematical strategies are the most commonly accepted between cricket bettors. They depend on choosing the right odds and making different combinations. The Ladder System, the Martingale Strategy, or Flat Betting are among the most popular mathematical cricket betting strategies.

Mathematical analysis helps cricket fans to predict outcomes.

Top 15 Best Online Cricket Betting Strategy for 2024

You can distinguish the different cricket betting strategies by the odds, the teams, or the amounts at stake. To choose the right one, we’ve separated the TOP 15 Cricket Betting Strategies for you. The strategies that will be described below you can use on cricket betting sites and betting apps for Android and iOS.
Here you’ll find the D’Alembert Betting System, the Flat Betting System, the Kelly Criterion, The Monty Hall Paradox Betting Strategy, and many more.

#1 Dogon Betting

The Dogon Betting Strategy is first on our list, and it’s a mathematical one. This system is most commonly used and especially popular among newbies in the cricket betting sphere.

The Dogon Betting Strategy is a system of ‘rates’ based on increasing the amount of the bets to cover all the previous losses. According to this system, the amounts at stake should be increased after every loss. That process continues until all the previous bets are recovered, plus the planned payouts are achieved.

This is a rather simple mathematical strategy that can bring some short-term profitability, but it can lead to bankruptcy if you practice it too often. This system is associated with the distribution of your finances, so you should be careful.

Here’s an example:

You’ve placed a 100$ at a certain cricket match, and you lose them. The next time you place 200$, and you lose them again. However, the third time, you place 400$ and hope to recover all your previous losses and make a profit.

To make this possible, the particular outcome you chose must have odds higher than 2,5 or 5/4 to cover all the money you lost in the previous two bets plus claim the planned profits. 

Dogon Betting Systems can come in many different forms like the standard Dogon or Martingale, Classic Doogle, Progressive Doogle, Dubl-Dogon, and many more. To win cricket bets, you can use the first two as the most secure and simple ones.

Dogon is a mathematical betting strategy most commonly used.

#2 Flat Betting

Flat Betting is another popular cricket betting system. It’s also based on mathematics and implies that you’ll use ‘flat bets’ or each of your bets will be equal to the same amount or percentage. 

Cricket bettors usually play this strategy by specifying a percentage of the bankroll they will place with each bet. There are several flat betting strategies that you can use to profit from cricket matches:

  • The Static flat bets – 1-2% of your bankroll;
  • The Academic flat bets – 3-5%;
  • The Aggressive flat bets –  6-10% and;
  • The Chaotic flat bets – 10% and more.

Most cricket bettors separate the academic flat bets as the most reasonable ones because you can place the 3% bets on games or outcomes with higher risks, while the 5% on the more obvious ones. 

This way, you’ll make moderate profits but significantly reduce the risk of losing all your stakes. 

Another example to look at cricket flat betting is this: imagine you have 1,000$ on your account and you’ve fixed a 30% betting strategy. This means that you’ll place either on your team or player a bet of 300$. If you lose, your account will reduce to 700$, which diminishes the next bet to 210$ because your total bankroll is also reduced.

The flat betting strategy is good for minimizing the risks and leaving enough space for minor betting mistakes. That’s why, if you’re an inexperienced player, the ‘flat bets’ are a great answer to how to win cricket bets.

Flat betting is another quite popular cricket betting system.

#3 “Percentage of Bank” Strategy

This is maybe the most appealing cricket betting strategy for both new and inexperienced players. The ‘Percentage of Bank’ Strategy is another bankroll-focused system that can reduce the losses by the unpredictable cricket bets.

This cricket betting system works similarly with the others and requires a specified bet percentage of the whole deposit. For example, you can deposit 1,500$ at a certain online casino and then specify that each of their bets is 7% of the deposit. 

Here’s how a ‘Percentage of Bank’ Strategy implied on a match between England and India would look like:

Your bankroll equals $1,000. If your 1st bet is $50 for India to win with 2.0 odds, and somehow India succeeds – your bankroll will boost to $1,050. Your 2nd bet will again be 5%, but this time it will equal $52,5. 

If you manage to win this one, also, your bankroll will rise to $1,102,5, and your 3d bet again will be 5%, but now it will amount to $55,12. Nevertheless, if you lose the 2nd bet, your bankroll will be deducted to $997,5, and your 3d bet will be $49.

This is the principle by which the ‘Percentage of Bank’ Strategy works. When it comes to cricket, feel free to use it on runs scored, wickets taken, odd/even runs, batter or bowler match bets, top batsman or bowlers team, etc.

Percentage of a bank is possibly the most appealing strategy for new and inexperienced cricket bettors.

#4 Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is another way to bet on cricket with gradually increased stakes, and this is also a mathematical variation of the Dogon Betting Strategy.

The Martingale cricket betting strategy is based on increasing the bet each time you lose one. Intriguing and risky – the Martingale strategy can be the only choice when cricket bettors want to minimise their money lost in the losing streak.

If you lose your bet, your next one should be double the initial amount. However, if you win the bet, the next one should equal the winning one. 

It’s simple math – choose cricket matches with odds higher than 2.0 because you’ve placed doubled stakes and you need doubled wins.

We’ll give you an example to clarify how the Martingale Strategy works.

Let’s take the match between Pakistan and Australia, for instance. Here’s how a Martingale winning ticket will look like:

  • 1st Bet – Australia to win (2,5) – 10$;
  • 2nd Bet – A draw (3,5) – 20$;
  • 3rd Bet – A tie (6.0) – 60$;
  • 4th Bet – Pakistan to win (2.5) – 180$.

And now let’s assume that you’ve lost the first three bets, but you’ve won the 4th Bet – Pakistan to win with 2.5 odds and 180$ at stake. You’ll claim 270$ in net profits because you’ve managed to recover the losses plus double your last bet.

The Martingale cricket betting strategy is most frequently used with ‘over/under’ bets, but if you’re experienced enough, you can try any player bets or other proposition bets.

Martingale strategy is a variant of the Dogon Betting Strategy.

#5 D’Alembert Betting System

The D’Alembert Betting System is very similar to the Martingale system, with the only difference being the amount of each next bet. 

Our example will be T20 World Cup Warm-up Matches between New Zealand and Australia. You’ve decided to place $5 for New Zealand to win the game. Consequently, this will be your first bet, and if Australia manages to lose the match, your second bet will increase by one unit or $5.

Easy math – your 2nd bet will be $10, but if you lose again, the amount of the 3d bet will increase for another unit ($5) up to $15. This time, suppose luck serves you, and Australia wins. Winning in the D’Alembert Betting System means reducing your bets by unit. Thus, your fourth bet will be $10 again.

Experts recommend that you choose cricket matches and outcomes with 3.0 or higher odds if you also want to compensate for the previous losses. These deals are a bit riskier than those with 2.0 odds but will ensure that you don’t remain at zero after a losing streak.

There are variations to the D’Alembert Betting System, and the most frequently used is the Reverse D’Alembert System.

Here, everything is contrary to the standard D’Alembert System. If you win, you increase the bet by one unit, but if you lose, you decrease it.

According to the principle of the d'Alembert Betting System, if you win, you increase the bet by one unit.

#6 Counter-D’Alembert Strategy

The Counter-D’Alembert strategy or the Reverse D’Alembert System is very simple and easy to understand. 

With every bet won, you’ll increase your next bet by one unit. This system would simply look like this:

  • 1st Bet – $20 and 2.0 odds;
  • 2nd Bet – $? and 3.0 odds;
  • 3d Bet – $? and 2.7 odds;
  • 4th Bet – $? and 2.0 odds.

If you have a bankroll of $1,000 and you win the 1st Bet, then you’ll acquire profits of $20, and your next bet will increase by one unit ($20) to $40. Nevertheless, if you lose the 2nd Bet, your 3d bet will again be $20. 

You’ll have to find games or probable outcomes with odds higher than 2.0. You can place your bets on top bowlers, top batmans, match bets, over/under, toss winners, and much more, but all bove 2.0 to avoid nasty black streaks. 

You can also use the Counter-D’Alembert strategy to combine different types of bets. Before constructing this kind of reverse D’Alembert system, please check the current series, player stats, best odds, etc.

This strategy can be a great solution when placing live cricket odds. For instance, a game between Sri Lanka and the West Indies at the break may provide you with 1.68 and 2,16 odds for each country to win, respectively.

You can place your bets on the West Indies to win and wait to see whether your future bet is going up or down. The live odds are excellent for the Counter-D’Alembert strategy because you can easily find the odds and combinations you need.

The Counter-d'Alembert Strategy can be a solution for live cricket betting.

#7 Oscar’s Grind Strategy

The Oscar’s Grind system is a variation of the Martingale strategy with some minor changes in the treatment of the bets. With this cricket betting strategy, you won’t have to increase your stakes after every lost bet.

On the contrary, the amount will be increased with every bet won, and experts prefer that the initial bet should be 1/12 of your cricket gambling bankroll.

To play a successful Oscar’s Grind strategy, you should also place your bets on outcomes with more than a 2.0 coefficient or 2/1 decimal odds. With every next win, you will double the bet size.

Here’s how your Oscar’s Grind cricket strategy would look like if you placed 5 consecutive bets on different cricket matches:

Let’s assume that your initial bet is 12% of your $1,000 bankroll.

The Oscar's Grind is a variation of the Martingale strategy that is also often used for placing bets on cricket.

Bet  Bet Odds Outcome Bankroll

You can easily spot how the bets get lower during the brief losing streak from 2 to 3. Nevertheless, this is precisely for keeping your bankroll fluent and reducing the risk of losing more money. 

The Oscar’s Grind system can induce huge long-term losses because the success of your bets must always be above %50. 

However, you can use Oscar’s Grind Strategy for the short runs and clashes at the T20, One-Day Internationals, or Test Matches.

#8 The Kelly Criterion

This cricket betting strategy is a mathematical system and is very successful in multiplying your profits. The Kelly Criterion will make you think about the amount of money you should bet and on which bets can this system be applied.

Note: You can’t use the Kelly Criterion on cricket matches or types of cricket bets which don’t have any value specified by the bookmaker. This means that if the back-odds are equal or greater than these odds, you can’t utilize them in making your Kelly Criterion system.

It will be clearer when we see the impact negative or zero odds have in the Kelly formula.

First of all, try to make your prediction by searching for errors in the particular betting lines which you think should have different odds. 

The simplest example would be our match between Pakistan and Australia. Let’s imagine that the bookmaker gave 2.2 odds for Pakistan not to lose the game. This means that 2.2 (45%) will be the odds for Baba Azam leading the Shahins to victory. 

However, the match is played in Sydney, and your personal opinion is that the odds for Pakistan to win or conclude a draw are much lower. So, your analysis says that the odds will be around 2.2 or 37% probability.

In this situation, this cricket betting strategy is maybe the best way to utilise your experience:

  • N – the size of your bet
  • Z – the bookmaker’s coefficient 
  • P – your probability
  • B – your bankroll ($1,000)

N = ( (Z*P-1) / (Z-1) ) * B or N = ( (2.2*0.37-1) / (2.2-1) ) * $1000

Your Kelly Criterion Bet for this straight wager will be equal to $155.

The Kelly Criterion allows users to multiply the profits from betting on cricket.

#9 The Miller System

To create your own Miller System, you’ll have to combine cricket odds that are higher than 1.9 or 2/1. According to Miller, bettors should also consider 1% bets of their all-out bankrolls.

Miller assumes that the bets equalling 2% or 3% of your betting bankroll are risky and counterproductive. However, the bookmakers usually give odds between 1.85 and 1.95 for utilising this strategy. 

Another requirement of this cricket betting strategy is that the bets should remain the same until a profit of 25% is reached. This means that if your bankroll equals $1,000, you’ll first have to raise it to $1250 and only then increase your bets.

The Miller cricket betting strategy is applicable to games played in almost any cricket league or tournament. Just follow the rules, and this strategy will help you reduce the risk of bigger losing streaks and acquire profits in the long run.

According to Miller, using this system will secure your winning rate of 53%, although the average cricket winning rates range between 53% and 58%. 

This is how the Miller System would look like in real life with a bankroll of $1,000:

You need to predict 53% of the outcomes to use the Miller System efficiently.

Bet Bet Odds  Outcome Bankroll
1$1 on 5 games2.8 (total)Won$1004
2$1 on 5 games2.1 (total)Lost$999
3$1 on 8 games2.7 (total)Won$1012
N= B*1.25$1250
N+1$3 on 5 games2.2 (total)Won$1268

The question remains whether you can predict 53% of the outcomes of the cricket bets you’ve placed.

#10 The Ladder System

The Ladder system is another mathematical strategy where the whole amount won is placed on the next bet. This is one of the most straightforward systems and can be used by both experienced and new cricket bettors.

When you use the Ladder System, you will have to divide your ticket into loops. The Ladder System insists on choosing matches with lower coefficients but higher possibilities.

Furthermore, this cricket betting strategy requires you to specify the number of bets in a single cycle. 

Perhaps you’ve wanted 5 ‘steps’ in your Ladder – your system would look like this:

According to the Ladder System, you have to whole won amount place on the next bet.

Steps Bet Amount Coefficient Wins

The Ladder System has numerous benefits for cricket bettors:

  • Minimizing the risk of losing bets – the Ladder system uses low-coefficient, high-probability ‘steps’.
  • Standardised steps – Cricket betting experts suggest 3-5 steps in a ladder because every next one will increase the probability of losing. 
  • Average coefficient  – the average multiplier in the ladder betting should range between 1.2 and 1.3. This way, you’ll multiply your profits steadily.

The main drawback of this cricket betting strategy is that if you lose – you lose everything.

#11 Danish Betting System

No, you don’t have to be Danish to use this strategy – you only have to increase your bets and the coefficient every time you lose. The Danish Betting System is a progressive cricket betting strategy, and with every bet lost, you must increase the bet by one unit and choose odds higher for 0.5 than the previous bet.

This strategy is often criticized because if you settle on a losing streak, the odds will drastically increase, and you’ll lose too much money. The games with the higher coefficients have a lower probability of happening, so you’ll be stuck losing.

However, the main way to apply the Danish Betting System is by using multi-bets. You can place these wagers for different cricket bats such as match winners, innings run, the man of the match, etc.

You’ll raise your coefficients and play for higher profits by utilizing the multi-bets. You can further multiply your odds by playing handicaps, scores, or parlays.

Your Danish cricket betting strategy with a total bankroll of $1,000 would look like this:

In the Danish System, bettors increase bets and coefficients every time they lose.

Bet  Amount Coefficient Outcome Bankroll

The pattern is easily recognisable – with every bet lost, you must double the next one and place it on even more improbable outcomes. 

That’s why the Danish cricket betting strategy is recommended for more experienced players who can quickly transform these coefficients into winning tickets.

#12 The Method of Tank Attack

The Tank attack is yet another way to bet on cricket games while separating your overall bankroll into different tanks and placing independent bets for each one of them.

It is a great way to diversify your bankroll’s risk and place a series of multi-bets. This cricket betting strategy is based on writing a few different tickets which will back each other.

Thus, all the losses in one tank will be compensated by the winning bets of the other tanks.

The Method of Tank Attack is a strategy consisting of multiple tanks; the standard number is 5. Theoretically, the system will profit you if 2 or 3 of the ‘streams’ are won. 

It’s interesting that the Tank Attack also enables you to use the Ladder cricket betting strategy in each tank. For example, you can place bets at 1% of your bankroll and increase them with every new win.

This way, you’ll reduce the risk even further and back the bets between different tanks.

Experts suggest that you estimate your bets at 1% of your total bankroll to guarantee responsible cricket betting if you use 3 ‘streams’. This means that if you have a bankroll of $1,000 and 3 tanks, your bets will equal $3 in total.

Nevertheless, for a 5 tank cricket betting strategy, feel free to raise them to %3 or even 4%.

The Method of Tank Attack is an excellent choice if you’re into more dynamic and time-demanding cricket betting.

The Method of Tank Attack is a great way to place multi-bets on a cricket match.

#13 The +60% Strategy

The +60% Strategy is another mathematical cricket betting strategy that is focused on avoiding a losing streak of 5 bets. With each successful gamble, you’ll be increasing the next bet by 60%. 

Involving the +60% Strategy and parallel bets is not recommended because the losses could be huge. 

Your bets will start with 1% and gradually increase. Each of your bets should be attached to odds higher than 1.7 or around 2/1 in fractional form.

Here’s how your +60% betting system would look like:

  • 1st Part= 1%; if won, the next bet is increased; if not, the amount stays the same. We assume you’ve lost.
  • 2nd Part = 3.5%; if you lose this bet, you place the third bet.
  • 3rd Part = 9.5%, if you lose this bet, you will place the fourth bet.
  • 4th Part = 24,5%, and if you lose even this bet, the 5th Part of 61,5% will bring you cricket betting win money to cover all the previous bets lost plus profits.

The pros of the +60% cricket betting strategy are that the chances of losing all the 5 bets are estimated at 0,05% (which is almost zero). On top of that, no matter the number of bets won, the payouts you’ll earn will always stay the same.

The Four Simple Rules of the +60% cricket betting strategy are:

  1. Win at least 1 of the 5 bets;
  2. Find odds higher than 1.7;
  3. Bet only three times per day;
  4. Place a maximum of 90 bets per month.

Following these rules, you’re ready to increase your bankroll by 60% in the upcoming cricket tournament

The goal of the +60 Strategy is to avoid a losing streak of 5 bets.

#14 Correct Score Betting

This is the simplest yet most effective cricket betting strategy. The correct score betting system requires that you correctly predict the outcomes of a particular cricket game.

Like any other sport, cricket matches also have their favorites and underdogs. This leaves you with the opportunity to place different wagers like the number of innings and runs, over/under bets, player props, series scores, etc.

There are many different scores that you can bet on in a single game. Let’s take as an example our game between Pakistan and Australia. The sportsbook provides you with the following odds:

  • Pakistan to win – 1.7;
  • Australia to win – 2.3;
  • Draw match – 3.4;
  • Tied match – 3.5 and so on.

You can either place all your stakes at one of these games or reduce the risk by dividing your deposit and placing different bets on each score. 

If your deposit amounts to $1,000, you can divide it or specify a percentage and place it on any bet. For instance, you can place $250 on Pakistan to win and back it with a $150 bet in favour of Australia. You can further place $30 on each of the draws and ties bets, thus making your own correct score betting ticket.

The correct score betting strategy can also be used as a ‘cumulative coefficient method’. For instance, you think Pakistan will win by more than 50 or 60 runs, and the bookmaker estimates the odds of 3,5 and 3.6, respectively. 

By placing this correct score bet, you’ll increase your probability of winning:
1/3.5 + 1/3.6 = 0.56, and consequently, your odds will be 1/0.56 = 1.78.

The Correct Score Strategy is the simplest and most effective way to place bets with the highest profit.

#15 The Monty Hall Paradox Betting Strategy

Imagine that you’d want to place your bets on the playoffs in the Indian Premier League. The last three teams you have are Kolkata Knight Raiders, Royal Challengers, and Chennai Super Kings, and you decide to choose Royal Challenger as your favourites.

Nevertheless, every team has roughly the same chances of winning, and their odds range between 1.30-1.33, or each one has 33% winning chances.

According to the Monty Hall Betting Strategy, if you bet on the Royal Challengers in the first match against the Chennai Super Kings, and they lose, don’t bet on them again!

This cricket betting strategy states that after this, the Royal Challengers’ chances of winning will stay the same while Super Kings’ chances will double up. The Monty Hall Paradox urges bettors to change their initial decisions constantly. 

What if DC wins the next match? – You’ll win the second bet and compensate for the lost money in the previous one.

At first glance, the Monty Hall Paradox looks very inconsistent because the Kings’ win would be a pure chance. But this isn’t true because every experienced bettor knows that the probability can be assessed by comparing similar events.

This system is designed to increase your winning chances by two times. However, you’ll need good intuition and a willingness to take risks.

The math is simple: The 1st team chosen had 66.6% chances of losing the match (or the sum of the chances of the other two teams). After the Challengers lose, their probability of winning is transferred to the other team, so, logically, you would next choose Super Kings.

In the Monty Hall Paradox Strategy, users are expected to increase their winning chances by two times.

Tips For Newbies

Every experienced bettor will urge you to start slowly by understanding how each strategy works. Maybe the best way is to calculate by yourself an imaginary ticket first and only then deposit your money in some of the local or online sportsbooks.

Our Top Tips for Newbies are:

  • Start slowly and be reasonable;
  • Carefully calculate the outcome of each cricket event;
  • Don’t exaggerate and stay realistic;
  • Choose your most effective cricket betting strategy;
  • Gamble responsibly.

Another aspect you should consider is the types of wagers and events you include in your betting ticket. Your strategy must be consistent with the specific odds and types of bets you’ve placed.

For newbies, we recommend starting slowly, being reasonable and following our tips of betting strategies.


Each cricket betting strategy has its own characteristics and winning mechanisms, and you would have to dive deep into the logic behind them.

Here, we’ve tried to separate the 15 most commonly used strategies among cricket bettors. Some are riskier but more profitable than others, while the others are safer but will bring value in the long term.

Before choosing which strategy to use, you should also choose your sportsbook. A sportsbook with great winning prospects and bonuses is the best place to try your cricket betting strategy.

Cricket betting strategies are necessary for the bettors who want to place bets profitably.


Is it possible to make money using cricket betting strategies?

Yes, it’s possible to make money by using a cricket betting strategy because that’s the point of every strategy – to help you win. However, different systems will win you money in a different way. For example, the +60% strategy aims to increase your bankroll monthly, while with the correct score betting, you can claim big profits instantly.

How do I choose which betting strategy to use for cricket sports betting?

There are many different betting strategies to choose from. If you are sure about your predictions, you can easily utilise the Dogon, Correct Score Betting, The Monty Hall Paradox, or the Kelly Criterion. On the other hand, if you want to play safe and multiply your winnings gradually, you’ll choose between the Miller System, the Ladder System, the +60% betting, or Oscar’s Grind strategy. Your cricket betting strategy will also depend on the types of wagers. Match bowler, match batsman, and innings run require a different approach than series winner or series scores bets. Nevertheless, you should understand the system in depth before placing any cricket bets.

Do I need to be a cricket expert to bet on cricket?

No, you don’t have to be a cricket expert to make cricket betting win money. All you have to do is get familiar with the game, the favourites and underdogs, best bowlers, best batters, leagues, series, etc. Sportsbooks offer cricket bets which are much similar to other sports bets. In the betting offers of your local or online sportsbooks, you’ll easily spot the different cricket matches and the coefficients attached. You just need to analyse, give your prediction, and apply the best cricket betting strategy.

What is the best betting strategy?

To win cricket bets, you can use our Top 15 ranking list strategies. Just follow the rules and conditions we’ve previously mentioned, and any cricket betting strategy can be your winning one.


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