Cookies policy

Cricket Betting Guru uses cookies to recognize your computer whenever you visit our to enhance your experience by optimizing the webpage in accordance with your preferences. 

What exactly are cookies? 

A cookie refers to a small software file that automatically gets stored on your computer whenever you visit a website or a webpage.

Cookies are completely harmless for you and your computer as they cannot be used to access or collect any information on your computer except for the information related to our website. We cannot access your personal information such as your passwords, credit card information, or any other banking or personal details. Cookies are purely meant to enhance your experience for our website only. For instance, cookies can help us identify and resolve any errors or bugs that you might come across while using our services or to provide you with the access you might be interested in. 

Cricket Betting Guru does use cookies to help our advertising partners to analyze your interests and needs so they can personalize their advertising campaigns according to your own preferences and only show the ads that are useful for you and are not harmful in any possible ways.

How do cookies work? is built to incorporate both the Session and Persistent cookies to enhance our user experience. 

The session cookies are the ones that allow our users to carry details from one page to the next so they don’t have to enter the same information over and over again. For instance, if you have logged in to your profile once, you will not be asked to do it again for your complete session and that’s because of the session cookies as they keep on passing your information to the next page. 

Persistent Cookies on the other hand are for long-term use. They get stored on your computer permanently and stays there until you delete them manually from your browser. These are used to identify your computer every time you visit us. For example, if you have selected a preferred language then this information will be saved by the Persistent Cookies and every time you return to our platform, the website will automatically be translated into your preferred language.

Why do use cookies? 

The cookies collected on are generally used for the  following purposes:

  1. To technically enhance our user experience by identifying and resolving any bugs, errors, or any other technical issues. 
  2. To help our advertising partners by providing them with the information regarding your interests and product that you might be trying to find. 
  3. To collect your information regarding your browsing habits on our website, preferences, and experience. 
  4. To present our live chat services to our visitors on every page that they visit on our website.
  5. To identify your device and personalize our web pages according to your preferences.

How can you block cookies on your computer? 

You can easily disable our cookies by altering your browser settings if you have any concerns or disquiet regarding the aforecited policies.

If the process of disabling cookies might vary depending on the browser you are using to access our website. Here is how you can disable cookies in popular Internet browsers.

  • Google Chrome. Open Chrome on your computer, go to Menu  > Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Other Site Data > Block all cookies. 
  • Microsoft Edge. Open MS Edge on your desktop, go to Menu > Settings > Site Permissions > Cookies and Site Data > Block All Cookies or add desired website’s URL in Block Third-Party Cookies to block cookies from specific websites.
  • Firefox. Open Firefox and go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Disable Cookies. 
  • Safari. Open Safari browser and go to Menu > Preferences > Security and check Block Third Party and Advertising Cookies or Block all Cookies and click on save button.

What will be the consequences of blocking cookies on your browser? 

Blocking cookies will change your browser settings and we will not be able to gather your information; therefore, we will not be able to provide you with the personalized services for you to enhance your user experience.

Updates in our cookie policy?

We regularly perform updates to our website that affects our policies and terms. Therefore, we will highly recommend you visit this page to be aware of the policy changes that might affect your privacy and experience.