10Bet App Download for Android (APK) and iOS in India

The 10bet app is a well-known mobile resource available to both iOS and Android users. It is legal to install and use it in India and many other regions. The 10bet application is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (No. MGA/B2C/331/2016). It also has a license in Ireland and accepts the most convenient payment options, including great Skrill and Neteller eWallets. The minimum deposit amount is INR 400, and new clients need to replenish their gambling wallets to get bonus up to INR 10,000.

In this article, we share our review of the 10bet mobile app.

10Bet App Review

With the right configuration, you’ll be able to reap the services from the app by 10Bet from any device or platform that you desire. Other than that there is some specific info that you should know and keep in mind before entangling yourself with any software in the market. We have narrowed down the details that are given in a form of a short review. 

Application Version3.5.0
Installed App Size30 Mb
APK File Size7.7 Mb
Application CategorySports Betting, Online Casino
Supported OSAndroid, iOS
Latest Update for Android15.01.2024
Latest Update for iOS27.01.2024
Countries SupportedUS, Australia, Hong Kong, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, etc.
App LanguagesEnglish

The mobile app is quite handy and secure and is included in our ranking of the best cricket betting apps via smartphone.

10Bet App Video Review

Below you will find a detailed video review of the 10Bet mobile app. Watch and learn how to download and install the app on your smartphone, get a welcome bonus!

You will find a detailed video review of the 10Bet mobile app.

10Bet App Screenshots

10Bet App Pros and Cons

  • Easy registration of a new account
  • Supports popular payment systems
  • Nice and stylish interface
  • Welcome Bonus for India Members
  • Application is rarely updated

Download 10Bet APK for Android

Registration in 4 steps

Follow the next steps in order to download the Android version of the app.

Step 1

Go to Settings

The first order of business for you to do is open your phone’s settings option.

Open the Android Settings.

Step 2

Modify Settings

The second step is to modify the existing default settings to allow the installation of applications that are not from the official Google store.

Change Security Settings and allow installation of apps.

Step 3

Visit the Site

Access from your browser. There you will see the buttons that suggest downloading the application as a 10bet apk file. So press and get them.

Go to the 10bet website in order to download the last Android version of the app.

Step 4


Tap and continue to out-and-out the process.

Install the downloaded application and run it.

System Requirements for Android

Make sure that your smartphone meets the minimum system requirements.

OSAndroid 4.2 +
RAMFrom 4 Gb
Processor1,4 GHz +
Memory space150 Mb

Compatible Android Devices

The software will run on any of the company’s devices listed underneath. But make sure that these devices have the minimum requirements that are pointed above.

  • Samsung Galaxy series;
  • Sony;
  • LG Optimus and Nexus;
  • Oppo;
  • Motorola;
  • Realme;
  • Xiaomi.

Download 10Bet App for iOS

There are two paths that you can follow to get the app on your Apple handheld device. We have elaborated both of the procedures for the sake of your easiness.

From 10Bet Website

Access the site.

Visit the official 10bet website.

Acquire the file that is exhibited and free to download.

Download and safe the installation file.

Tap and install on the devices.

Install the application from the App Store.

From Apple Store

Remember to get an iTunes account. You’ll need one for getting this app.

Log in your iTunes account.

Get to the Apple Store.

Go to the Apple Store and fine the 10bet app.

Explore the app and when you find it, just click to have it.

Install the application on your iPhone.

System Requirements for iOS

Check the table below for the minimum system requirements for the 10Bet app.

OSiOS 8 +
RAMFrom 1Gb
Processor1,2 GHz +
Memory space50 Mb

Compatible iOS Devices 

Any of the devices listed below are compatible with the app. We have made the list with the versions of Apple’s devices that meet the requirements. 

  • iPhone 5, 
  • iPhone 5S, 
  • iPhone 5C, 
  • iPhone SE, 
  • iPhone 6, 
  • iPhone 6S, 
  • iPhone 7, 
  • iPhone 8, 
  • iPhone 8 Plus, 
  • iPhone X, 
  • iPhone XS, 
  • iPhone XR, 
  • iPhone 11, 
  • iPad. 

10Bet App Sports Betting

Perhaps the sports that you may access from the application aren’t exactly an additional privilege. It is better to phrase it in a way that indicates that all the sports that are in stock at the site are also at one’s disposal with the app. And it is guaranteed that the roster of sports will most definitely intrigue you. 

  • Football;
  • Cricket;
  • Tennis;
  • Table Tennis;
  • American Football;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Handball.

It ought to be cleared out that these aren’t the only ones that you will find in the app. There are plenty more that the punters can enjoy to their heart’s content. 

In the sports section, you can place bets for your team.

How to Make a Cricket bet in the 10Bet Application?

The wager placing cricket betting procedure is nothing out of the traditional in the 10Bet betting App. And it is the same for “Cricket” as it is for all the other sports. Just go through the line underneath to reach your desired outcome. 

  1. Into the Account. After entering the app, log in with your existing or newly opened account. 
  2. Sports Section. Basically, this section is registered under the name of the Betting section. 
  3. Cricket. Then you’ll need to pick cricket from the long list of sports. 
  4. Last Step. The final act is to place your desired wager by entering the wagering amount. 

Cricket betting is a popular feature on the 10bet service.

Exceptionality in the 10Bet App

Most of the time people will ask for some extra features to adapt to a new medium. The positive thing about the app is that maximum people won’t face any drawbacks in adopting its services. On top of that, there are a lot of additional features available as well. 

  • In-Play. Over 43% of the stakes that are amounted for wagering come from in-play. For that reason, The mobile application of the site will be of great assistance to a large chunk of the punters. 
  • Selling the Share. The players can sell out the shares of wagers that they bought early in the match. There is a partial cash-out option in the software. You may use it to withdraw a particular amount of cash from your wager, leaving the rest active in it. 
  • Custom Promotion. The application will be able to trace your past activities and save them to your account. This allows them to customize needs and tailor the promotions best suited for you. 
  • Updates On Transaction. Whether you win or you lose, the app will give you immediate updates on your present state. It follows a similar pattern when it comes to the payouts of your winnings. 
  • Banking: With the 20Bet app, you will get all the banking options for any sort of monetary transaction within the palm of your hands.  

There is a number of important features that make the 10bet app more preferable than other apps for betting fans.

10Bet Mobile Website Overview

The truest way to provide you with a proper overview of the mobile version is by comparing it with the existing knowledge of the application. The comparison underneath also contains the details of the website as well.

The 10bet browser version is modern and understandable as well.

Visible Dichotomy Between App and the Website

We have ranged both versions with their good bad side. Now it is up to you to judge and decide which direction you would be heading. 

Mobile Site

The most prominent aspect is that you don’t need to go through the hassle of installation. Operates a bit slower compared to its application counterpart. 
No storage will be wasted. You will be needing a stronger connection to operate all the features seamlessly.

Mobile App

The user interface is top-notch. It can only run on devices that meet its prerequisites. 
You’ll get special offers that are personalized to cater to the needs of the application users. You can’t enjoy its services without installing the software on your device. 
The encryption system is much more rigorous and better. It’ll take up a little built-in storage while it is active. 

10Bet App Payment Methods

The best thing about the monetary transaction in the 10Bet app is that almost all the transaction method that can be used for deposit is also available for withdrawal process as well. This is a plus point as most gambling sites fail to do so. So, here are the ins and outs of the whole process presented to you on a platter.


There are twelve different ways to transfer money in your account to lead your subsequent activities. 

MethodMinimum AmountMaximum Amount
Neteller10 Euro 50,000 Euro 
Skrill10 Euro50,000 Euro 
Visa10 Euro50,000 Euro 
Bank Transfer10 Euro50,000 Euro 
MasterCard10 Euro50,000 Euro 
EcoPayz10 Euro50,000 Euro 
WebMoney10 Euro50,000 Euro 
Debit Cards 10 Euro50,000 Euro 
Credit Cards 10 Euro50,000 Euro 
Paypal 10 Euro50,000 Euro 
PaySafe Card 10 Euro1,000 Euro 


There are a total of nine ways that you can withdraw your winnings from the app. They are only short by three numbers compared to the deposit amount. 

MethodMinimum AmountMaximum AmountTime
Neteller10 Euro50,000 Euro 1-2 Days
Skrill5 Euro50,000 Euro 1-2 Days
Bank Transfer50,000 Euro Maximum Seven Days
Visa50,000 Euro Maximum Five Days
MasterCard10 Euro50,000 Euro 
EcoPayz10 Euro50,000 Euro 1-3 Days
WebMoney 5 Euro50,000 Euro 1-2 Days
Debit Cards 10 Euro50,000 Euro 
Credit Cards 10 Euro50,000 Euro 

Upsides of Using 10Bet App

The benefits of the 10Bet mobile app lie mainly in the redesigned interface. The design has been slightly redesigned to provide users with a greater level of convenience when interacting with the bookmaker’s office. The client works well on almost any smartphone model and does not require a high internet speed. Users can also count on such benefits:

  • New players can get a bonus of up to 10,000 INR;
  • Works under the official license of Malta;
  • High level of security due to data encryption;
  • Dark theme for the night game;
  • A large number of personal profile settings;
  • Communication with the support team in the application.

The application receives regular updates. New features are added to it, the interface is simplified, and a higher speed of operation is provided.

Conclusions About the 10Bet App

10bet is one of the easiest applications to use, the registration process does not take more than 5 minutes, even if it is the creation of a new account. The interface of the application is pleasant and maintains the atmosphere of the games. System requirements are not high, the application can easily be installed exactly on your smartphone.

To attract new players, 10bet has created a very nice bonus system. For example, new players when making the first deposit will get 10,000 rupees from the bookmaker. Another perk is the sports on which you can bet.

Read about the main benefits of the 10Bet mobile app in our conclusions.


What is the Legal Environment Concerning the Use of 10Bet in India?

The best answer to that would be, “There are none.” Because among all the prohibition that is legislated by the government of India concerning betting or gambling, there are none that even remotely states anything about online gambling. In addition to that, the organization has full clearance on operating in the country.

What is the Quickest and the Safest Route to Getting the 10Bat App?

Well, you can get the mobile software from anywhere the official stores of the respected platforms, or by searching for it on the internet. But as the best course of action, we would like to suggest you use the file that is offered on their official website. The hassle through that path is also pretty non-existent.

How Do I Contact 10bet for Support?

There are a total of five ways that you may contact them. The company’s customer services are available in Email, telephone, live chat, Twitter, and Linked-in. You can visit the official website to find the regularly updated details about these contacts.

Why Does 10Bet Have an Age Requirement?

The minimum age requirement of eighteen is mandatory for using the site because 10Bet believes in responsible gambling. The younger demographic of a population is vulnerable to being exploited. That is why they do not expose children to their services.

How Do I Recover My Forgotten Password from 10Bet App?

You can take two courses of action if an event like this ever arises. On one hand, you can contact customer service directly. They will see the issue from there. On the other hand, if you want to deal with the issue by yourself, then you can click on the option and follow the instructions.


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