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1win has been providing cricket betting and casino gaming services since 2016. All of these products are quite capable of attracting attention and retaining users. But how can you do this more effectively? The 1win Affiliate Program is a definite business relationship between registered users and our company. Each side of the relationship has its benefits. You get rewarded for doing certain things and we, in turn, get new users. So if you’re up for it, you’ll definitely want to invite at least your relatives, acquaintances and other people to join us and also get some extra money and bonuses!

Learn more about the 1win affiliate program and the benefits you can get from it.

What Is the 1win Affiliate Program?

1win has been providing services in the gambling industry for over 5 years. And we want as many people as possible to know about us. And the affiliate program helps us to do that. It is just as safe to participate as it is to use our services in general. Because we have a Curacao license 8048/JAZ2018-040. The affiliate program itself is a collaboration between you and our company. By registering in it, you get your personal referral code. By distributing it on social networks together with our promotional products, you attract new users to us. Thanks to their online activity, we are ready to pay you a reward. We do not impose any restrictions on members. However, knowledge of the general functionality and certain features of our website and app would be a plus for partners.

The 1win affiliate program helps to earn more money by inviting friends to the betting platform.

How Does the 1win Affiliate Program Work?

The overall essence of the affiliate program is constant interaction. You could say that this is our specific marketing collaboration, which is manifested both on the website and after downloading and installing the 1win affiliate app. We pay our partners cash rewards and provide personal bonuses for promoting our platform via their social networks and other websites and e-platforms that are convenient for them. By placing your referral link there leading to our official betting and casino site, you allow your users to click through and sign up through it. We offer marketing support to you free of charge, including the use of graphic material such as videos, pictures, banners and so on, in order to help you get the most out of your efforts. You will have round-the-clock access to all of this in your partner’s personal cabinet. Payments are made on a daily basis, which is also an important requirement of our program.

You can invite newcomers to the betting platform and get profit from the 1win affiliate program.

Why Should You Choose 1win Affiliates?

You are probably wondering why it is so beneficial to be part of our partnership. Well, as a world-renowned bookmaker, we strive to maintain a live user audience that is always ready to appreciate our offers. And it is precisely to attract them that we need partners. And the benefits are as follows:

  • Easy 1win affiliate app download and installation if needed;
  • Fast registration with all the nuances, so you don’t have to ask for details later;
  • A wide range of payment options, including, for example, cryptocurrency;
  • Available to all 1win partner apps;
  • Models for work are the RevShare and CPA models, but are open to discussing individual conditions;
  • Daily payouts;
  • The highest possible interest rates, with the possibility of setting a personal work model;
  • Detailed statistics in your personal cabinet;
  • Individual promo material for everyone;
  • A personal assistant who will be in touch 24 hours a day;
  • Spend 1win affiliate withdrawal any way you feel comfortable;
  • Ongoing training and improving your marketing skills!

1win suggests great conditions for newcomers to the affiliate club.

How to Become a 1win Affiliate?

You, being our player, register in the affiliate program, where you can then literally quickly make a 1win affiliate login. Here is a step-by-step guide detailing all the steps. Check it out here:

  1. In the browser of your computer or phone, or using an application, open the official website of the company, at the bottom of which there is an option to go to the section with our affiliate program;
  2. In the center of the window that opens enter your name, email, phone number, communication method (social network), password, traffic source, cooperation model, and currency for payments;
  3. Indicate also that you are familiar with all the terms and conditions in force;
  4. Click on the bright yellow “Start Earning” button.

Your signup will be pending for up to 7 days, after which you will receive an email notification that you can make a 1win affiliate program login and start earning. If you would like to expedite this process, please contact our support team.

To join the 1win affiliate program, visit the club with our link.

1win Affiliate Program Rules and Conditions

During the registration process, you will be required to read the terms and conditions. Most of them relate directly to the source and quality of the traffic. So, before you do your 1win partner login and get started, take a good look at this list:

  • Only people over the age of 18 are eligible to take part in our affiliate program;
  • You are not allowed to use email or other spam advertising newsletters;
  • Contextual advertising is prohibited, as well as any advertising that speculates on the company’s brand;
  • You are also prohibited from using cookie stuffing;
  • Each partner has only one account to work with. However, the expansion of the possibilities is decided on an individual basis;
  • The 60% payout can be reduced if your work stops or slows down.

These are the basics of all the rules you need to know. And remember that any violation of them will result in the complete blocking of your account!

Follow the rules of the 1win affiliate program not to be banned by the platform.

1win Payments Methods for Partners

Since all your work involves cash, you need to be clear about how and when you can withdraw it. Well, withdrawals are made every day. And the payment options you can use are:

The 1win affiliate program uses the most common payment methods in India.

Contacts for 1win Affiliates

In case you have any further questions or ambiguities, you can contact us through our support team. These methods also work for speeding up player authorisation. The main options include:

Contact 1win online support if you have questions about the affiliate club.


What payment methods are available to 1win Partners?

Our company takes into account the need for frequent player withdrawals, which is why we have popular withdrawal methods such as e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, bank cards and so on.

How many times can I withdraw my profit from my 1win affiliate account?

Our company does not set any limits on the number of withdrawals. We credit your account daily.

How can I find out if new players are registered through my source?

After registering, you will have your own personal account under the affiliate program section. It displays your statistics on affiliates and their game activity in the form of a table, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data is updated automatically in real time.

Does 1win charge a fee for affiliate withdrawal payments?

No, we do not charge any additional amounts. You should understand that your deductions depend on how much we earn from the gaming and sporting activities of your referred users. There is no additional benefit.

Can I promote 1win through my own website or blog?

Yes, it’s not forbidden. However, you should be aware that by specifying this social network when you register you come under our control.


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